Young girls joyfully reunite with their long-lost dog companion, bringing tears of emotion to their eyes

Our today’s interesting story took place in the warm and sunny state of Texas. There lives a loving family whose entire attention is focused on their favorite dog, Max. Max was a mixed breed who won the hearts of his owners forever with his crazy behavior on the one hand and on the other with his calm and composed behavior at times.

Unfortunately, one day the worst nightmare happened for a beloved dog owner, Max disappeared without a trace, throwing the family into great worry and sadness. As soon as they noticed that he was missing, his family members immediately started looking for him. They tried in every way: they looked for him themselves, pasted leaflets with his picture and contact number, and left signs around the neighborhood with the hope that it would help. In particular, the message on the leaflet that read “we miss him very much” caught my eye, showing how important Max was to them.

Even months have passed since Max disappeared, but unfortunately, there was still no sign of him. Just when they had lost all hope that they would ever find him, a surprise arrived. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, or Deputy Perez, received a call that a dog was roaming the street in the neighborhood. When the deputy arrived at the scene, he immediately recognized that it was the dog he had seen on flyers and signs around town. As soon as he noticed it, he contacted the family. After the family came to check on the dog, they were greeted by the biggest and nicest possible surprise, Max, finally with them after months of searching for him.

You can see for yourself in the photos how much the girls cared about the dog and what an eruption of joy and emotional reaction it was on both sides. In the photos that the sheriff’s office shared on Facebook, you can see how one of the girls was so overcome with emotion that she shed tears of joy. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook: “Max and his family are reunited and as you can see on the faces of the children, they couldn’t be happier.”

This touching story with a happy ending went viral on Facebook, hundreds of people commented on the event itself, and the picture and story were shared by more than 2,000 people. Most of the people in the comments thanked Deputy Perez for solving the case and enabling the girls to see their beloved dog again. These are some of the comments on Facebook: “That sweet, grateful face says so much!”, “Seeing these little girls’ faces is priceless!”, “These little creatures have a big impact on our hearts.”

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