Why Are Ancient Pyramids Around The World Suddenly Beaming Energy into The Sky? (VIDEO)

We all know that pyramids are strong energy portals throughout planet earth, and that they are much more than just regular buildings or structures. We’ve learned that pyramids are energy portals for ET beings and centers for much more activity. Whether old pyramids or even new pyramids. Such as the man that built a pyramid home in the state of Illinois and all the strange things that occurred after he built this pyramid.

Or, the 3rd snowy pyramid that was discovered in Antarctica recently. We know that these pyramids are not just building structures that have been as a tomb for Egyptian bodies, but have also been known to move energy through the middle, in a vortex like fashion.


As pyramids holding and releasing energy as a power plant all over the world have been seen as not only energy plants but portals for ET visitors. In fact, there are many unknown pyramids that are hiding under what appear to be hills or mountains but are in fact pyramids that the earth has simply grown over.

Take A Look At A Few Pyramids BeamingThis all connects to the statement that NASA made in 2009. Here’s the statement:

These interstellar dust clouds are a phenomenon to the naked eye as they are massive and contain very high temperatures. They can reach around 30 light-years wide can reach an incredible heat of 6,000 degrees Celsius. These clouds are made up fully of hydrogen and helium atoms, two elements that are believed to be created by pyramids according to Ufologists.

There have been many theories about this for a long time but NASA has confirmed that it is moving in our direction.

What’s most interesting about this strange interstellar cloud identified by NASA?What’s most shocking is that these hydrogen & helium bound clouds are stuck together in a strong cloud formation that doesn’t dissipate like a regular cloud. Scientists are led to believe that this is because these clouds, unlike regular clouds are magnetized to the core center.

Enter pyramids.. Experts believe that this magnetization is magnetized towards the earth and more specifically targeting pyramids at their core!

This has led to more cosmic activity such as solar storms, as well as powerful earthquakes more often.

See video below for more details:

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