Whispers of Strength: The Touching Story of a Twelve-Year Ordeal, Winning Over Health Battles and Neglect with Unwavering Courage and Unconditional Love

Today I want to tell you the story of Roger, a dog saved after being chained to the ground for 12 years.

An association , which deals with the rescue of animals in harmful or precarious conditions, Paws 4 Hope, received a call that left them stunned.

An elderly dog, with serious health problems, found himself chained without food or water in truly disconcerting conditions .

The animal, having found itself without its owner 4 years earlier, who unfortunately passed away, ended up in the hands of the wrong person.

In fact, the latter neglected him for a very long time, not taking care of him, of his mental, but above all physical, well-being.

The dog, in fact, no longer had many teeth to eat, seemed very malnourished, dirty, smelly and had significant skin problems.

Thus, the members of the association, seeing all this, immediately decided to save this dog from the fate that awaited him.

They rushed him to the vet to treat all the various problems and do a complete check – up . Afterwards, they personally took care of giving him a nice scented bath.

They also decided to change his name, in relation to the fact that his life from that moment on would be really different from the previous one.

In fact, they called him “Roger”.

To date, Roger is taking many medications to treat his anemia, skin dermatitis, parasitic infestations and many other pathologies.

On the mend, however, Roger has also found a foster family who shows him the love they feel for him every day.

So much so that, with the help of the association members, the vet and his new family, this four-legged furry friend truly seems reborn !

Now he is no longer forced to move in a limited space or with a chain tied around his neck, but, on the contrary, he runs happily and is grateful to life.

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