Weary and vulnerable, a fatigued mother dog was found next to her just born puppies


She didn’t choose the street life. Someone had abandoned her earlier.

But, when she realized she was in labor, it was too late to hide from the streets. There was no time to find a shelter. Babies were coming, and she needed all her strength to bring them into this world.

Heartbroken, exhausted, on the verge of collapse…

This abandoned dog mommy showed all the fragility and all the strength that a mother carries inside her.

Will her story have a happy ending? Will all this suffering lead to something nice for a change?

Good Job, Momma, The Puppies Are Here

dog mom with her puppies
Source: YouTube

The image of a fresh dog mommy lying helplessly next to her little ones that were born a few hours ago simply broke me.

The image was yelling, shouting, and screaming for help! 

This poor dog mommy had zero strength left in her.

How could she be strong when she was broken in so many ways?

According to her collar, her previous owners ditched her earlier. It must have been because she was carrying her babies. With no proper food, water, or shelter, this sweet girl was cruising the streets, trying to find a place to give birth peacefully.

But, plans sometimes stay just plans. Labor surprised her, and she had to give birth right where she was: out on the street, on a piece of cardboard. 

dog and her puppies
Source: YouTube

Six puppies came into this world. Sadly, two of them were already angels when their mommy pushed them out.

Although she was exhausted beyond every borderline, as soon as she saw people approaching her, the mommy took the last atom of her strength and got up. She had to defend her little ones.

She didn’t realize those people were trying to help her. She was in full defensive mode, acting aggressively and doing her best to protect her babies. It appeared as if she didn’t know that sometimes, people can be good, and that not everyone’s there to hurt her.

The rescue team was attacked three times by the mommy before they managed to capture her and take her, along with her little ones, somewhere safe.

Back at the shelter, the rescuers were relieved that mommy had enough milk to feed her pups. Now, it was time to feed mommy, too.

She was starving, beyond exhausted, and desperate to taste a nice meal.

dog drinking the water
Source: YouTube

That day, the mommy ate three times, and we all know that dogs normally have one to two meals a day. She devoured about 5 pounds of liver for the first two meals! That’s how hungry she was.

After the first 48 hours, which were critical, the puppies turned out to be just fine. They started growing, opening their eyes, and enjoying the beauty of puppyhood.

The mommy was doing fine, too, although she was still a bit traumatized and nervous around people. But, that’s okay. Sooner or later, the dog mommy will find it in her heart to trust humans again.

If it wasn’t for these good people, dog lovers, and rescuers, the poor mommy would have starved to death and so would her puppies.

After all that trouble in her young life, the mommy was finally blessed with the life she always deserved.

I know we can’t save all stray dogs. We can’t adopt them all or cure world hunger. But, at least we can spare a couple of bucks and feed dogs on our streets. If everyone wanted to chip in, the number of stray dogs in need would be drastically minimized.

Want to see that change? Become that change!

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