VIDEO: Woman denounces “with evidence” having been abducted by aliens

A woman from Norfolk, Virginia, claimed to have been the victim of an extraterrestrial abduction in her own home. The surprising thing is that there was physical evidence in the building, such as moving heavy objects or missing hours on the clocks.

“I remember the exact time because at that moment I told myself that I was going to be able to get up early despite the time I was going to sleep. I was sitting on my bed, and the next thing I remember is walking in my kitchen to the bathroom. I was wondering what I was doing there, I didn’t have food or anything in my hands.Mysterious extraterrestrial abduction“On the way from the hallway to the bathroom, I passed through the door of my room. And as it passed I looked inside as I always do when I walked through a door, took two other steps and turned to look again.

When he looked, he found a being standing in front of the entrance of the courtyard, almost 2 meters high. The alien looked at her before going out the door. When he entered the room, he realized that it was 3:00 a.m.

He sat on the bed and tried to remember what had happened in that more than an hour lost, but he couldn’t. The only thing I didn’t agree with was a strange bracelet.

The woman made sketches of the creature and the bracelet that, evidently, was an active part of the abduction. The drawings were made before he went back to bed for fear that he would forget the fact.

When she woke up, she told her husband what happened. So they realized that they had moved furniture. A heavy wooden alhier was pushed from the wall where it rested, right in the place where he saw the creature.

A more common event than you thinkThe husband also stated that he slept deeper than usual that night. Despite having had several similar experiences throughout her life, she never spoke publicly for fear of being ridiculed.

The incident is studied by Robin Hills, a MUFON researcher, registered under number 75365, according to the OpenMinds website.

Several elements suggest that it was a case of bedroom abduction. The loss of time, common in this type of case, is mainly highlighted. The amnesia that covers that period of time in which the experience begins and ends.

Another element is that the sighted creature went through the door. In several cases of abduction it was reported that beings seem to have a “holographic” quality that allows them to pass through solid objects, such as walls or doors.

Almost 7 years have passed since this case of extraterrestrial abduction and it continues to be studied, despite the great physical evidence. At the moment, it is only added to a list of similar cases that seem to have no explanation.

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