Video goes viral Hundreds of people see UFOs over several cities in Austria (Video)

Aliens could wipe out humanity in a matter of seconds if they were to invade our tiny planet. This is what most conspiracy theorists and even scientists like Dr. Michio Kaku believe, who is more than convinced that there is intelligent life in the cosmos, despite the fact that it has not been discovered “yet”. Furthermore, Dr. Kaku believes that in the event of an alien invasion, the only way for humans to repel them would be to learn their technology.

However, Dr. Kaku is not the only scientist who claims that human beings would not stand a chance in the hypothetical case of an alien invasion. Not too long ago, Stephen Hawking issued a statement saying that if aliens were to reach our planet, the result would be similar to when the Europeans conquered America.

“Some evolved aliens may have become nomads and intend to colonize the planets they land on,” Hawking explained. “If aliens visit us, I think the result would be much like when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

But aside from Hawking’s startling words, there are also many who believe that the alien invasion has long since begun, quietly. In recent years, there are countless UFO sightings in all parts of the world. Although the most surprising thing is that more and more people are seeing them, we are talking about massive sightings. Like the one that has taken place in various cities in Austria and has been seen by hundreds of witnesses.


UFOs over Austria

The sighting of an alleged disc-shaped UFO hovering silently over the Austrian cities of Vienna and Graz has caused panic among its inhabitants. Several of the witnesses even called the police to report an impending alien invasion. And shortly after the sighting, all kinds of UFO photos and videos began to spread, with hundreds of users declaring that it was the definitive evidence that extraterrestrial beings are visiting Earth.

In one of the videos you can see how while the mysterious object was flying over one of the Austrian cities with the lights, there are several people looking in amazement at the sky, while taking photos and videos. At that very moment, the local media began to receive photos and videos of seriously concerned residents. The glowing object looked like a classic flying saucer with very bright white and purple lights, and it hovered over the city for several minutes before disappearing completely.

Although Vienna police said they are investigating what happened, officials declined to comment on the nature of the mysterious object. For this reason, the conspiracy theorists claimed that the authorities were aware that the UFO was an alien craft, but did not want people to know the truth. However, skeptics, even with all the images and videos posted by hundreds of people, said that the mysterious object was not an alien spacecraft. For them, what flew over several Austrian cities was simply a quadcopter, a multi-rotor helicopter with four arms that in turn have an engine and a propeller at the end.


But UFO believers say that drones, quadcopters or any type of remote-controlled aircraft are prohibited in the airspace of cities. In addition, this new sighting has taken place weeks after another UFO appeared over the city of Geneva, Switzerland, and which was also seen by hundreds of witnesses.

The alien invasion begins

But this new sighting has also left us with many comments from people who say that it is a kind of drone sent by a fleet of alien ships that is heading towards Earth. Some conspiracy theorists claim that NASA has already detected the alien fleet. What’s more, amateur astronomers equipped with good telescopes could already see the structural details.

And worst of all, the alien fleet will arrive on Earth at the end of 2017. While some believe that the aliens could be hostile, others think that they may be a benevolent species and that their intention would be to save the Earth from The third world war. While we wait for the arrival of this supposed alien fleet, it seems that our skies are filling with drones or probes to spy on us.


Are the mysterious objects that have appeared over some Austrian cities probes or drones of extraterrestrial origin? Are we at the gates of an alien invasion?

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