VIDEO: Bewildered image of aliens seen in the strange blue sky in South Dakota

The National Weather Service confirmed that a derecho barreled through much of South Dakota – as well as Minnesota, Iowa and later other parts of the Midwest – on Tuesday. In addition to heavy rain, the wind storm brought black, blue, gray and, most notably, murky green skies around southeastern South Dakota, including the Sioux Falls area.


The strange color of Sioux Falls’ sky Tuesday has been all across the internet over the past two days – much of it from Miller’s photo. Her brother in Missouri told her he had seen it on the news, and a co-worker from Mexico said it had been in a newspaper back home.

It was cool at first, she said – but it has become a little overwhelming, especially after seeing multiple people post the photo without crediting her.

Miller added that she just happened to have her camera nearby to take the original photo and that she isn’t planning on trying to go viral the next time a storm hits.

And while Miller says some of the memes have been funny, there’s one she thinks needs more attention: her own, starring Sioux Falls Twitter celebrity Bryce Wollmann.

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