Video: An “invisible force” saved us from a solar flare

Something like a slow-moving, elongated, unknown force has blocked a solar flare heading for Earth.

Something curious happened on June 2 in our star, an invisible force that is not really well appreciated could have saved the earth from a solar flare of great potential.

In the gif image that we are seeing of Lasco C2, you can see this puzzling event for astrophysicists, the solar flare is partially blocked for a while by an unknown elongated force in front of it.

Normally, a solar flare shoots out into space in its entirety, but this flare is blocked by something in front of it, making it seem like only part of the flare can move around an unknown elongated force before shooting out to space.

The elongated force appears to be moving slowly through the solar flare, suggesting that it could be a very large, cylinder-shaped spacecraft.

But perhaps we are facing something more unknown to our knowledge, since that solar flare could perfectly reach our planet due to its position, and this invisible force acted on it.

In addition to considering that our star can surely be a dimensional portal to travel to other star systems, it does not mean that our star really is what it is.

The official version says that it is a G-type star of the main sequence and luminosity class V that is located in the center of the solar system and constitutes the largest source of electromagnetic radiation in this planetary system.

And we do not doubt it, but indifferently it can harbor more secrets or mysteries than astrophysicists can imagine. But… Why did this appear in the sun? Was it really blocking the solar flare that could impact our planet?

A complete mystery that we will continue to investigate if it happens soon, since this is a unique opportunity to thoroughly study this phenomenon, which at the moment is unknown if it is natural or artificial. Are they protecting us or are they only protecting the planet?

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