UFO Recorded Performing Sharp Maneuver When Laser Pointer Directly Hits Craft, Over California (Video)

This UFO was captured on camera not too long ago over Big Bear Lake, California, as a random onlooker spotted it in the air and decided to see how it would react upon pointing a laser straight at it.

He didn’t expect much as the object didn’t appear to be more than just a random drone as far as he could tell but within the next couple of seconds, the strange aircraft appeared to move at incredibly high speed, trying to evade the laser at any cost whatsoever.

The original poster stated that it appeared as though the UFO had activated its automated defensive maneuvers as it attempted to escape the laser sight by any means necessary.

The maneuvers that you can see in the video below effectively prove the fact that this is a UFO as its movement pattern is simply put way too advanced for this to be just another drone in the sky controlled by another human.

He even attempted to explain it by drawing a comparison between it and a modern-day automated Tesla vehicle. If the Tesla vehicle sees that you are approaching a wall it will push the breaks and try to steer away from danger, which is most likely what we saw here this day.

Is the video real? A lot of experts seem to think so but you can make up your own mind about it as the video is right here, ready for you to dig into.

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