UFO landed at Cherry Creek, US Air Force on investigation (Video)

Harold Butcher, a teenage son of the farm’s owners, first saw the alleged UFO landing in Cherry Creek, New York, in the summer of 1965. When he later resurfaced, the entire family saw him. Additionally, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), the United States Air Force, and the New York City Police Department reviewed the incident.

It would also be revealed, in an interesting development, that a radar system at Lockport Air Force Base had detected a “momentary target” of an unknown aircraft about 30 minutes before the sighting at the Cherry Creek dairy farm. The assumption that this item was the same one seen by the Butcher family just a few minutes later is not far-fetched.

Interestingly, as we’ll see later, another UFO with a very similar appearance was seen flying extremely low over the Brooklyn Bridge around the same time. Could the two reported sightings be related? And would they be related to the eventual blackout that occurred just two months later, in November 1965, and which affected a large part of the Northeast?

The two cases we are about to see may not be well known outside of the most ardent and enthusiastic UFO enthusiasts, but they are still two incidents packed with information comparable to that found in many other UFO encounters.

Sudden Static Interference on the RadioOn the night of August 19, 1965, at 8:20 pm, Harold Butcher, then 16 years old, was at the dairy farm. He was in the barn milking the 17 cows that were housed there with the milking equipment. A portable radio played the news while he worked.

However, a sudden and prolonged burst of static interference overpowered the radio. [1] A few seconds later, the milking machine abruptly shut down as if it had run out of electricity. When that happened, Harold could hear a bull outside howling and thrashing against its confinement, as if it were really agitated about something.

Harold ran to a window in the barn when he heard the noise the bull was making outside. He could see through it an “enormous elliptical object” a quarter of a mile away, hovering just above the surface. There was a peculiar “beep” sound and a “reddish haze” under the strange object.

After hovering for a while, the object “launched upwards”, disappearing into the summer night sky in a few seconds.

He picked up the phone and immediately called his family in the main house. When they got there, everyone noticed a “greenish glow in the clouds” where the object had disappeared. The air around the farm still smelled peculiar. A steel bar on the bull’s display was badly bent, making the situation even more strange and disturbing.

But the story of the strange craft was far from over; thirty minutes later he would show up again. this time with the Butcher family in mind.

The Return Visit!Harold’s mother immediately called state police when the object reappeared. In the skies above the dairy farm, he was “circling”. Two state troopers would examine the site and record their findings. The air force, which would visit the dairy farm the next day, would also be informed.

The United States Air Force would be represented by Captain James Dorsey regarding the Butcher family sightings. He had “four technicians” with him who would thoroughly check the terrain, particularly the landing area.

A “purplish liquid material” and “unexplained patterns” on the floor were among the curious discoveries they would make. Grass and other vegetation were also partially burned. In the end, they would declare the sighting “unexplained” and consider their investigation a success.

Later, NICAP was able to obtain samples of the peculiar purple chemical and test it at the Kawecki Chemical Company. Traces of aluminum, iron and silicon would be discovered during analysis. But it was an unidentified liquid.

Richard Ward, a state trooper on duty, would see a very identical object in the sky the next night. He would say that in what he assumed was the lower abdomen, it featured “eight circular lights”. It also traveled “twice as fast as a jet”. Furthermore, he heard a faint, peculiar sound that was unfamiliar to him, but which he assumed was connected to this mysterious vessel.

Similar Sightings (At the “Same” Time, “Same” Place!)Furthermore, reports of other sightings in the (roughly) same area would surface. A “flat, round, disk-shaped object” was seen “circling back and forth” in the skies above the Plattsburgh area of New York at approximately 5:30 p.m. on the 20th of August.

The item, according to the witness, was about two or three miles away and measured 15 to 20 feet in diameter. The disc-shaped UFO took off and disappeared into the night sky after a few minutes. At the same time as the sighting, radar at Plattsburgh Air Force Base would detect an aerial anomaly, just as it did in the Cherry Creek event.

The surveillance supervisor would follow an unusual object for several miles that night as it moved northwest from Pease Air Force Base in adjacent New Hampshire at around 11:30 pm.

Interestingly, in contrast to many similar sightings, which involve an object moving across their screens at unimaginable speed, the item was “slow (and) sporadic in spots”, especially with the aforementioned case in mind, as well. like the one we’ll be looking at in a moment. In fact, the mystery craft’s apparent journey was so smooth that it was visible on radar for about 30 minutes.

Regarding the Cherry Creek landing case, we might be particularly interested in a sighting that occurred in the Brooklyn borough.

The Brooklyn Bridge Sighting – A Submarine Out Of The Ground!While it is debatable whether there is a connection, another sighting of a similar nature also occurred in the New York area above the Brooklyn Bridge in August 1965 (although the exact date is uncertain).

The anonymous witness, a 10-year-old boy, went out with his mother to walk the family dog around 8:20 pm that night. They would visit the Parade Ground, a park in Brooklyn with soccer and baseball fields, which is located next to Prospect Park. They were able to let their dog free because the neighborhood was being renovated and they didn’t have to worry about bumping into gangs of kids playing sports.

They stopped and let the dog explore for a while before turning their gaze to the sky, eager to spot the stars in the late afternoon darkness. The young man then spotted what, in his memory, appeared to be a submarine floating over a multistory structure. He would abruptly call his mother to ask if she too had noticed the strange craft.

His mother looked to where he was now concentrated.

The object was traveling silently and slowly. The witness would be keen to emphasize that the exterior was made of a material that was extremely dark gray and “not battleship grey” and that it was “as gray as possible before you set it to black”. Furthermore, despite having a metallic appearance, the item did not have any shine.

The tail and what the witness assumed was the front of the craft were rounded. They would recall that this ostensibly extraterrestrial craft was actually “shaped more like a very long medicine capsule”.

A “Black Light” Behind The Darkness!The young man and his father would watch as this craft glided serenely past them. Both became more and more certain of the “solid” character of the ship’s exterior as it approached. Also, its “ideal” shape.

One of the strangest descriptions is best left in the witness’s original words. Then he would say:

…Even If (The Object) Is Almost Black, We Feel A Light Behind The Darkness. That Makes No Sense, As My Mother Later Recognized. The best I can tell is that my eyes turned dark grey, but my mind knew the cylinder was emitting light! Black light!

This observation is intriguing. The peculiar phenomenon of lights being “everywhere but with no visible source” and how they can be spectacularly bright and dull at the same time is frequently mentioned by UFO witnesses, especially those who have had exceptionally close contact events. Was there another identical observation made by a Brooklyn Bridge witness?

The object was, in the witness’ estimation, about 200 feet above them. They were so close that they could notice “even the smallest flaw”. Uncertainly, they were close enough to rule out the possibility that the object was an airship. There were no lights. No noise! No gondola below and no recognizable brand!

The fact that everyone was so serene then and now intrigued viewers. According to the witness, they were “exceptionally serene”. This can be yet another intriguing fact. Many reports of UFO sightings mention some kind of “influence” or emotional control. Again, was that the situation here?

A Quiet View Over BrooklynThe two could see the back of the huge cigar-shaped spaceship as it passed them. According to the witness, there appeared to be enough space for “at least three buses to pass at the same time”. The witness would go on to say that the object was perhaps three times the size of a passenger jet.

The witness fled to another neighboring field while this was happening so that he could observe the item from a different angle. He was instantly worried for the first time, fearing that he might be noticed by the people inside the cigar-shaped vessel, either because he had been separated from his mother or because of other telepathic and subconscious manipulation of his emotions by those inside the vessel. He turned and ran back to where his mother was still standing.

As the craft flew over the Prospect Park Police Station, the two stopped and watched. Then it disappeared over the horizon, out of sight. The witness would note that no account of what happened appeared in the newspapers, local radio or television, although they themselves kept the incident to themselves. They appeared to be the only two people who saw this cosmic object as it traveled through the Brooklyn skies.

After becoming an adult and with the development of the Internet, the witness developed an interest in cylinder-shaped UFOs. Not surprisingly, countless accounts and images have surfaced. So much so that he ended up informing the HBCC’s UFO investigation team about the gasp.

The ever-murky depths of UFO watersThe two sightings we’ve seen appear to be real. Not least because they include several minor but possibly significant elements that are also present in other cases.

A little over two months after each of the referred occurrences, in November 1965, we were already examining the well-known blackout. Could we discover that these two sightings are also linked to the blackout, as some academics feel there is a connection between this catastrophe and the numerous UFO sightings in the area in the days and weeks prior?

And what was, in the eyes of the occupants, the point of such open displays without overt attempts at communication? Were these occurrences related to an extraterrestrial reconnaissance mission? If so, was the November 9 power outage one of the missions’ objectives? Furthermore, why would they – whoever “they” happen to be – have to take such a course of action?

Or are the two sightings as far apart as the events of November 1965? The waters get even more muddy when we start asking questions, as with many UFO sightings. ideally for a while. More questions then emerge from the subterranean level. Of course, we shouldn’t let this bother us or prevent us from working together to find out the truth about such situations. or in our efforts to shed light on the UFO and alien mystery.

For more visualization, see the video below. It takes a closer look at UFO activity in the northeastern United States, particularly in New York.

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