Tragedy the newborn baby elephant was trapped and lost his trunk: “You can still go on, the elephant’s mother said” (VIDEO)

A baby elephant in South Africa has lost its trunk but still receives the attention of its fellow humans. However, many people worry about whether the elephant can survive in the natural world.

The trunk is an extremely important part of elephants. It helps elephants grasp food and small objects, absorb water, and even use it to communicate with other animals or fight off predators. But this baby elephant unfortunately lost his trunk in the first years of his life.

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It’s an elephant in Kruger National Park, South Africa. In a video shot here on September 1, viewers can see a baby elephant with its trunk gone.

Staff at Kruger National Park say they don’t know how the elephant lost its trunk. However, the cause could be a lion or crocodile attack. In addition, the elephant can lose its trunk when entangled in a trap.

“ There has been a case of crocodiles attacking and biting off the trunk of an elephant while the elephant was drinking water. And that may be the reason why this elephant lost an important part of its body ,” the staff here said.

In fact, an elephant without a trunk can hardly survive long in the natural world. An adult elephant needs about 190 liters of water, 90kg to 220kg of food per day. Without a trunk, all that food and water cannot enter the elephant’s body. In addition, the absence of a trunk can put the elephant at risk of straying from the herd and vulnerable to predators. Therefore, the staff at the National Park are quite worried about the fate of the little elephant.

Although it lost its trunk, it can be seen that the adult elephants around did not leave it alone, but were very concerned about this poor elephant. This can be a positive sign that the baby elephant can get help from other animals when it is short of food, lost its way or when attacked by wild animals.

Before this image, many netizens couldn’t help but feel sad: “It’s just a baby elephant, but it has lost a part of its body like this”, “Fortunately its fellows are always there to help. don’t abandon it”, “I don’t know if I can grow up to be self-sufficient”, “Elephants are intelligent species, seeing their fellow human being’s defects they still help them, but humans are not appreciated by anyone. to that”.

It is not clear if staff at Kruger National Park have taken any steps to help the elephant. But in 2016, a baby elephant named Mosha was fitted with a prosthetic trunk after the elephant accidentally stepped into a minefield on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. This measure will most likely give this poor baby elephant a new life.

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