Tiny Warrior’s Triumph: Three Years Later, a Preemie Born at 21 Weeks and Weighing Just Half a Kilogram

Courtney Stensrud, is a 35-year-old mother from San Antonio, Texas, who celebrated the third birthday of her premature daughter who was born in 2014 when her pregnancy was in the 21st week… The life of Courtney’s little daughter is a miracle .

She managed to overcome and leave behind the risks that were associated with her prematurity condition. She was so small that her father’s wedding ring fit on her arm, weighing only 425 grams.

Courtney was hospitalized when she was three months pregnant after developing a common infection that affected the placental membrane. The doctors told her that she wanted to give birth immediately to avoid losing her baby. It was the only way out for years, although with a very high risk.

Courtney remembered that inside the maternity ward she was shivering, terrified of what could happen. She hurriedly searched the phone for information about other babies born at the 21st week… she found no results!

After 3 years and against all odds, this little girl continues to progress satisfactorily. She attends preschool, has no health problems, and performs excellently on developmental tests like any other child her age.

However, doctors warn that unfortunately not all cases of premature birth have a happy ending.

The doctors who brought her into the world, after 3 years, have analyzed the case of this little girl, who presents normal development and growth. Anyone could doubt that it is a small premature. She is in perfect health.

The doctors’ analysis reflects recent data that showed an increase in the rate of premature births in the United States for the second consecutive year, after a decade of a declining trend.

Dr. Kaashif Ahмad, the little girl’s neonatologist, commented that the union agrees that her story should be handled with great caution. This excellent result cannot be generalized, since it is most likely that no other cases are known where the ƄeƄé has managed to survive while in the same condition.

It is an analysis to take actions in future premature births and not to hurt susceptibilities. The case of this little girl can be used as an example for births under this condition and have a reference to avoid unfortunate consequences.

A birth is considered premature when it occurs before the 34th week and is the leading cause of infant death in the United States. It is related to some permanent disabilities such as cerebral palsy and asthma.

We reported this case because she responded to resuscitation, but it is possible that this is an extraordinary case and that we could not expect the same from other patients. “It is necessary to learn more before drawing conclusions.”

The report explains that Courtney’s hospitalization was caused by a common infection called chorioamnionitis or intra-amniotic infection, which affects the placental membrane, which is an inflammation of the fetal membranes frequently caused by a bacterial infection that originates from the vagina.

This infection affects labor when it is prolonged, in the case of this it means premature labor. When she was born she was blue. Dr. Kaashi admitted that he had never been resurrected at such a premature age; he acknowledged that he did not have high expectations that he would survive.

She was placed under a heating device, a blanket was placed on her to assist her breathing, and her heart rate was monitored. Fortunately, little by little her body began to take color and she began to breathe.

This little girl’s mother has decided not to publish current photos of her daughter to protect the privacy of her family. However, she is eager to help other mothers who are going through a situation similar to hers.

At school this little girl keeps up with her classmates, loves to play and enjoys the same hobbies as other children her age. She loves her dolls, books, and imitating her older brother.

It is a story full of hope that can support other mothers who find themselves in the situation of giving birth early. Share this celebration on the way out with your friends and family.

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