The only red snake discovered on Earth: Villagers worship it like a god (VIDEO)

Snakes are often feared and misunderstood creatures, with many people viewing them as the “bad guys” due to their portrayal in religious texts and pop culture. However, these slithering reptiles are actually fascinating creatures, with over 3,000 known species in the world. In this article, we will be exploring the 20 rarest snakes in the world, from the red spitting cobra to the Aruba Island rattlesnake.

Red Spitting Cobra The red spitting cobra, also known as Naja paiva, is a small snake that can be found in northeastern and eastern Africa. This species occupies dense forests and dry savannah grasslands and is primarily a nocturnal hunter. When threatened, the red spitting cobra spits two streams of venom at its adversary, which can cause permanent eye damage or even blindness. Despite its small size, this cobra is incredibly active and has a dangerous tendency to get close to humans who sleep on the ground, mainly at night.

Antiguan Racer The Antiguan racer, also known as Alsophis antiguae, is a critically endangered species that historically lost its habitat due to the introduction of the mongoose. However, thanks to reintroduction programs, there are now populations of this snake on Rabbit Green and York Islands. Although black rats and mongooses are still a major threat to this species, its global population now exceeds 1,100.

St. Lucian Racer The St. Lucian racer, also known as the Santa Lucia racer, is the world’s most endangered snake species. These snakes feed on lizards and are not poisonous. Conservationists are currently working to save the species by eliminating invasive predators like mongooses and rats and educating the public about their importance. With fewer than 250 adults left in the wild, researchers hope to reintroduce the snake to new habitats.

Orlov’s Viper Orlov’s viper, also known as the Caucasian pit viper, is a venomous species found in the Caucasus Mountains of Eurasia. This viper is endangered due to poaching and loss of natural habitat, with less than 100 square meters remaining. These vipers eat a wide range of foods, including mice, lizards, frogs, and insects.

Round Island Burrowing Boa The round Island burrowing boa, also known as Casarea dussumieri, is an extinct species of snake that lived on Round Island in the Indian Ocean. This snake had a very small range of only 1.5 square kilometers and fed on lizards on the island.Short-nosed Sea Snake The short-nosed sea snake is a rare species found in Ashmore Reef and Shark Bay in Western Australia. These snakes have a small population and are endangered due to habitat loss.

Aruba Island Rattlesnake The Aruba Island rattlesnake is a shy and elusive species that only exists on the tiny island of Aruba. With just 25 square kilometers of natural habitat remaining, this snake is critically endangered.

Despite their fearsome reputation, snakes are truly fascinating creatures that play important roles in ecosystems around the world. From spitting cobras to rattlesnakes, these 20 rare species are just a few examples of the incredible diversity of the snake family. By learning more about these creatures, we can come to appreciate and protect them for generations to come.

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