The woman reared 20 children, and the happiness in the family was a result of her deep love for them.

The touching story of a couple with up to 21 ?????ren, April 22, 2023. Ƅy Anh Diep Despite the fact that in some European countries, such as Spain, the leaving rate decreases with each age, this couple decided to coordinate these statistics, breaking patterns of current trends.

The couple, Kristiÿa Öztürk, 23, and her husband, Galip Öztürk, 57, are entrepreneurs and parents of 21 children. Kristiÿa met her husband and went to Georgia. Married, she has 8 children, and Turkey took up her business in the lockjaw and transportation sector that she has heard about. He is the founder of Metro Holdings. Georgia received 500 dollars in aid. The couple had a common dream of their large family. Their son, MŅstafá, was born in March 2020, after 19 years. Despite five years, Rãsia’s couple gave birth to five children, since their specific family since March of last year. They were satisfied and pleased with this method, using more fuel cells to do the following. The couple spent $10,900 on each wedding, including a $5,000 weekly cost and child expenses. The couple spends 78 thousand euros annually to pa

go to the isteras that offer them help and housing.

The meal consisted of three plates, each containing 20 packages of diapers and 53 packages of formula. She has a 6-year-old daughter, in front of her relationship with her, with whom she plays things with her little brothers. “It’s important to play with them, feed them or read them fairy tales.

Una pareja tiene 20 bebés en menos de un año a través de la gestación subrogada

We were bad days, said the mother. Kristi was conʋinced that she and her husƄand would haʋe more ?????ren, Ƅut she was unaƄle to increase the numƄer of ?????ren due to the stigma of ?ℯ?ism. The mother commented: “I am delighted with my emotion, but it is angry, since it is necessary to be close to my emotions.” The mother lives in Russia, and on her Instagram profile she shares these daily experiences, with 117 followers.

Christina Ozturks husband is a businessman

The couple built financial resources and networks, ensuring plenty of resources and quality time as parents, while others said. Parents striveChristina Ozturk

They are controversial and what a joke, since their family is so large. Consider the case.

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