The surprise behind UFOs and manuscripts related to aliens were discovered in the Vatican (VIDEO)

Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig, is a Russian scientist and scholar of ancient languages. He is known to have had access to the Vatican’s secret archives, where he found manuscripts with important information about the ancient aliens.


There has always been a theory that the Vatican hides important manuscripts on the existence of  UFOs and aliens  . However, these may have been confirmed.

Vatican manuscripts on alien secrets

Ludvig’s story was revealed in a very popular Russian newspaper, “Sovershenno Sekretno”, in 2011. The article was titled “Professor Ludvig’s Worlds”, written by  Vladimir Kuch Ariants.

The author described Ludvig as obese, bald, with a huge forehead and a Scandinavian beard. Many times he had problems with the  Stalin regime   and was declared by the Soviet federal agency  as Vatican counterintelligence agent  . Thus he ended up in the concentration camps in 1938.

The journalist recalled the scientist’s first conference in 1960, which he found initially interesting and then a bit confusing, because it mixed ancient and medieval linguistics, history and architecture, plant symbolism, types of labyrinths and other topics…


Although the author was  a student  of Ludvig and did a lot of research on him, it is still unknown  who he really was  , even being considered a mystic. He wrote that after meeting him, his life changed and he saw the world from a different perspective.


The scientist’s statements come directly from reading the  Vatican’s secret archives.

There are  53,000 libraries with 35,000 volumes of catalogs and documents spanning 12 centuries  . Archives are the stuff of historical legends. Archived documents are issued at the age of at least 75 years.

Ludvig’s access to the Vatican library

In the 1920s, Professor Ludvig somehow gained access to the Vatican library. There he read ancient manuscripts that  could change the course of humanity  . He claimed to have found several texts on ancient codes, alchemy and other things about UFOs and aliens that  visited Earth  in ancient times.

According to him, he has read texts that speak of  extraterrestrial influence  in various  ancient civilizations , such as the Egyptians or the Mayans. So he started studying the Mayan civilization.

Ludvig translated symbols which turned out to be  ships and space suits  . He also found historical documents on the use of nuclear weapons in ancient times and showed him pictures of the Babylonian fortress walls, melted, by  too high a temperature  up to 1.5 meters high.

The scientist was very interested in the Sumerian civilization and knew it very well. We don’t know from where the Sumerians arrived in  Mesopotamia  , but it underwent a sudden evolution in the middle of the 4th millennium BC.

At some point they learned how to build cities, fortify them, and create the  world’s first complex irrigation systems  . They invented the wheel and the writing system, which was previously pictographic, i.e. individual objects were represented in the form of drawings. The oldest texts with this system date to  around 3,200 BC. c.



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Professor Ludvig was no ordinary man. During  World War II  he worked as an architect, design engineer and inventor. From 1941 to 1943 he had 17 military inventions to his credit. This has been recognized by theorists and researchers.

In 2016,  Wikileaks  released thousands of emails relating to  Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta  . The emails revealed classified information shared with Podesta about UFOs and aliens.

In 2015, Podesta received emails from  Edgar Mitchell expressing concern about space weapons and their impact on ETs. According to these rumors, the Vatican, one of the highest authorities in the world, would be aware of the existence of extraterrestrials. The astronaut wrote:

My Catholic colleague Terri Mansfield will also be there to update us on the Vatican’s knowledge of ETs. Another colleague is working on a new space treaty, citing involvement with Russia and China. However, with Russia’s extreme interference in Ukraine, I think we should look for another avenue for peace in space and EPP on Earth.”

For the less corroborating information available about Ludvig, there is some skepticism. However… did he really have access to the Vatican manuscripts?

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