The mother of a little girl embraces the birthmark on her face and rejects any idea of ​​its removal, as she believes it enhances her daughter’s beauty.


Ebony and Jamie met in 2016 and have a three-year-old son, Harley. Jamie has a nine-year-old daughter named Hollie from a previous relationship. Harper was born to their modest family in September 2020, weighing 8 pounds and four ounces.

Little Harper was born with a birthmark spanning the left side of her face and her nose with a probability of 1 in 20,000. The devoted parents of Harper King, Ebony and Jamie, were “speechless” when they first saw the enormous birthmark that covered the majority of her face. They were concerned about how people would approach her as she aged due to her beauty.

Ebony, age 23, from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, stated, ‘The birthmark came as a major surprise, and it saddens me to consider how Harper may be treated as she matures. Huɱaпs can be so ruthless.

Regardless of your physical form, you will always be the offspring of your parents, the angels, and the crystallization of love. Despite their initial reservations, her parents declined the offer of surgery to give her the ability to make her own decisions as she grew older, claiming it “made her even more beautiful.” Her siblings refer to it as her’special mark,’ and that is precisely how we view Harper; she is unique. With her birthmark, she’s even more attractive, and we’ll be sure to tell her that every day.

According to Ebony, Harper underwent a planned caesarean section. Jamie told me after she was born that she has a very sizable birthmark on her face. When I saw her, I was unable to speak. I could not believe she was concealing half of her visage. I believe I was in shock at the ᴛι̇ɱe, so I did not weep for an extended period of ᴛι̇ɱe until approximately two weeks later. Rather than mourning for myself, I lament for Harper and all the prejudices she may encounter in the future.

The therapist informed the family that the birthmark was a congenital Naevus Melanocytic and that a large facial birthmark is so uncommon that it occurs in only one out of every 20,000 births.

Fortunately, it’s just a birthmark, and although Harper will need additional testing, it’s not likely to pose a serious health concern. They had the option of having the birthmark surgically removed, which would require a skin graft and would inevitably be excruciating and leave scars.

Since her birth, the birthmark has diminished slightly, but it will never completely disappear. We decided to delay Harper’s surgery until she was old enough to make her own decision. It is a massive undertaking, and she should be the one to decide.

We respect your child’s autonomy, so he will be allowed to make all decisions as he matures. Regardless, you are a wonderful addition to the life of this modest family. Our children always adore one another, and nothing makes us happier than seeing them grow up and be healthy together.


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