The Hυge UFO Sighted Oп The Coast Of Saп Clemeпte Arrives Iп Mexico Aпd Stops Oп Tijυaпa (Video)

On January 25th, a massive unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted passing along the coast of the city of San Clemente, California. The cigar-shaped object was seen heading south and was witnessed by several residents in the area.

The same day, a Mexican citizen named Gerardo Choko Trompetas, who resides in the city of Tijuana, located in Mexico and just 123 km away from San Clemente, claimed to have seen a similar object hovering above the sky of his city.

Trompetas posted a video of the object on his Facebook channel, filmed with his mobile phone. The footage shows a massive, elongated object in the sky, with no visible wings or propellers, hovering above the city for several minutes.

Ufologists who are investigating the sightings have ruled out the possibility of the object being a conventional aircraft, as it changed its shape and had no visible signs of propulsion. The UFO’s presence in Tijuana, particularly in the vicinity of the international airport, raised concerns about potential risk to flights.

The sightings have caused a stir among locals and UFO enthusiasts alike, with many speculating about the origins and purpose of the mysterious object. Some have even suggested that the sightings could be part of a larger pattern of extraterrestrial visitation.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, the sightings have sparked a renewed interest in UFO research and have raised important questions about the nature of these unexplained phenomena. As of now, the sightings remain unexplained, leaving many to wonder what exactly was flying over the skies of California and Mexico on January 25th.

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