The Goats only have two legs but walking like a person is amazing

Although it can only move with its front legs, the goat is still healthy and active, surprising the breeders.

The two-legged goat is still active with the whole herd. Photo: CEN.

Mirror on May 16 reported, the goat has no hind legs since it was born in December last year on a  farm in the Di-Thai Autonomous County of Xinping in southwestern Yunnan province, China,  but 6 months after birth, it is still growing well. Previously, its owner had predicted that the animal would not survive.

According to a farmer who witnessed the birth, the mother goat gave birth to two healthy calves before giving birth to a two-legged goat. The breeders at the farm were amazed to see the deformed goat and they were even more surprised to see it walk just a week after giving birth.

The little goat learns to balance perfectly and stand on its front legs. It didn’t seem to care about the disadvantage of its body. It still roams around the farm, moving with the herd and eating the same grass as the others. According to the local veterinarian, the mother goat may have had an unusual accident during her pregnancy, resulting in the birth of a two-legged baby goat.

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