The funny expression of the hottest baby on social media at the end of the year: “Just born, I heard that the price of pork has increased”


Babies are lovely “creatures” on this earth, that saying is not wrong. And today’s hottest baby on social media is a clear proof of that!

The topic of the sudden increase in the price of pork has become the “construction content” of countless netizens. And today, when paired with the humorous expression of a newborn baby, it becomes “hot” than ever. Even this series of photos immediately turns the baby into the funniest and most outstanding face of the year end. Because after less than 3 hours of posting, 5 photos of the baby have attracted more than 9 thousand likes on a fanpage and shared widely on social networks.

The hottest baby on social media at the end of the year.

Seriously listen to pork price information.

“How can I live twice as long?”.

“It’s really unfair, why did it increase at the ᴛι̇ɱe I was born?”.

The baby’s special expression is what makes the community most excited: When he opens his arms to listen, when he is bored with life, he yawns, when he frowns and frowns in helplessness, when he opens his eyes wide as if he wants to. reason, when seriously putting his hand on his chest to accept… The special thing is that all these expressions are sharper and more exaggerated thanks to the baby’s eyebrows “whose mother is an eyebrow sculptor”.

“Heart attack, pork prices go up – what a sad story.”

“Maybe we should eat banh chung with chicken and beef?!”

Netizens kept tilting, humorous comments: “Oh my god, Tet must eat vegetarian banh chung”, “the lead, the debt is expensive”, “sorry, it turns out that the price of pork has increased, What do you say …”, “Oh my god!”, “Top-notch eyebrows!”, “Lemon eyebrows, “too much””…

And under the image of “the hottest baby on social networks at the end of the year”, ɱaпy other parents also took advantage of showing off other funny and funny expressions of their baby: “When you were just born, you heard that your father owes you tens of billions of billions of dollars . “, “Just eat flour with vegetables, mom”, “So this year, eat banh chung filled with chicken”, “Real eyebrows here, let’s borrow it to save money on drawing!”…

“When you were born, you heard that your father owes you tens of billions of dollars.”

“It’s too painful to eat powdered vegetables, mom!”.

“Okay, what are you?”.

“So this year, eat banh chung with chicken?”

“These are real eyebrows, can I borrow them?”

It’s true that with babies, the inspiration for cuteness is limitless. Every child is an angel who brings so much joy to this life.

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