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The case of the encounter with some aliens in Varginha, Brazil is undoubtedly the most comparable case to the Roswell case. This case is well known in Brazil and in the world as an incident when aliens were seen by many witnesses, then captured by the military and denied by the government.

According to investigations carried out by Brazilian ufologists, the two creatures (one dead and one alive) captured in Varginha were transferred to the United States. This case is truly amazing.

January 20, 1996. Firefighters receive a call. At 8:00 am on the morning of January 20, 1996, the fire department of the city of Varginha in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, received an anonymous phone call.

The person asked that firefighters investigate a strange creature seen in a park in the northern district of Jardim Andere.

Two hours later, firefighters arrived at Jardim Andere to search the park. Hoping to find a wild animal, they brought suitable equipment such as cages and nets. Ahead of them muttered a bipedal creature five feet tall, with red eyes and oily brown skin.

Witnesses said the creature had three bumps on its forehead and a small opening on its face like a mouth. They also said that she made a strange sound, like the buzzing of bees… and she seemed to be injured.

While the firefighters were capturing the creature, the head of the group made contact with the nearest military base. The base commander, General Sergio Coelho Lima, quickly sent his troops to isolate the park.

The same witnesses also said that the creature had three fingers and, again, three bumps on its forehead. She had no sexual organs, no nipples, no navel. It appeared to have damaged joints in its wrinkled legs, and its skin matched early descriptions: brown in color and oily in texture.

A construction worker, José Enrique, witnessed the incident from the roof of a neighbor’s house next to the park and later told investigators that four firefighters caught the creature in their nets, imprisoned it in a box of wood and then handed it over to the military.

A series of phone calls led Rodrigues to interview the three girls who said they had seen, at about 3:00 pm, a creature huddled against the wall of a building in Jardim Andere (near where the first creature was captured). . The girls told Rodríguez that the creature had three bumps on its forehead and resembled “the devil.”

After the meeting, they ran home terrified and told what had happened to the mother of two of them. Meanwhile, firefighters and soldiers had been warned by frightened neighbors about the second creature, as the other seemed injured. The street was filled with a crowd that watched as the firefighters and the military captured the being and then disappeared. Two days later, police officer Marco Eli Chereze died at a local hospital.

Officially his cause of death was pneumonia, but when his family asked for more information, medical authorities refused to provide it. It was never clearly known what might have taken the life of the young policeman of only 23 years of age, leaving his wife pregnant with him and who later had twins at the time of his death. Chereze’s death remains one of the great mysteries related to the Varginha case. But, if an accident happened, what was the place of impact?

Pacaccini believes that his remains have been hidden by the military and says there is an official cover-up. Pacaccini has received countless death threats through anonymous phone calls and has learned that the military who mention his name are risking ten-day detention. There is no doubt that something extraordinary happened on January 20, 1996, but many questions still remain unanswered.

What happened to the first creature? What were the results of the autopsy performed on the second creature? And if they were aliens, how did they get to the site and where is their ship?

The investigation into the episode of “The Varginha Case” is far from being concluded and has become one of the most important in the history of ufology and UFO sightings.

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