Security cameras capture the real scene of mysterious creatures flying out of a family’s house in the UK (Video)

When we think about the subject of fairies, most of the people remember the childhood stories. However, there is a growing trend among those who believe in fairies as true spirit creatures today. However, theosophists (students of natural law, ancient and modern philosophy, and even the exact sciences) claim that fairies can be observed when the third eye is activated. They say that these beings have never previously incarnated as human beings and are considered to be in a separate line of spiritual evolution called ‘deva evolution’.

Eventually, their souls move on as they reincarnate. So the fairies are actually elementals, supersensible beings connected to the elements of the earth. Fairies are believed to possess an etheric body (a body is the first or lowest layer in the human energy field or aura). Experts in the field consider that they are in immediate contact with the physical body, to support it and connect it with higher bodies that are made up of etheric matter, so in simpler language, their bodies are less dense than ours. Hence the reason why most people don’t see fairies. But what would happen if someone got evidence of its existence? This is what has happened in a city in England.

A real fairy

A peculiar video recording in England shows a bewildering winged anomaly, which some have compared to a fairy, flying out of a family’s home. As reported by the British newspaper The Sun, the strange moment was recorded last Sunday night by the doorbell camera of Alicia Stoddart’s house in the English city of Hemel Hempstead.

While she was visiting her parents’ home in the Clacton community that night, the security system alerted her that something strange was happening at her home. When she checked her phone to see what had triggered the camera, Stoddart was stunned to see what appears to be a small white figure with a sizable pair of wings.

“The first thing I thought was, ‘My God, it’s a fairy,’” she recalled Stoddart. “We racked our brains trying to think of what it could be and googling possible culprits.”

However, according to Stoddart, they couldn’t find what kind of mundane creature could explain the goblin-like anomaly.

“None matched the outline and size of the image,” explained Stoddart, convinced that the only explanation is that it was a real fairy.

As one might imagine, Stoddart’s three children were particularly delighted with the video, specifically her son, who is a believer in magic, and strangely enough, is about to lose a tooth right now.

For their part, the most skeptical say that the ‘fairy’ in the video is simply an insect, perhaps a moth, that passed in front of the camera and its supernatural appearance is simply an effect caused by light and shadow. While it’s a possibility, Stoddart mused that we all need a little magic and faith in our lives,” especially during these difficult times.

We must tell the skeptics that it is not strange to believe in fairies. In 2020, John Hyatt, director of the Director of the Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design (MIRIAD) at Manchester Metropolitan University, published some startling images of what he claimed to be small winged creatures. Hyatt insisted that her photos of him were completely real and were not edited.

And even more surprising was some X-ray tests carried out in 2018 on the lifeless body of a mysterious creature with humanoid characteristics and small wings that was found in an office in Mexico City. Scientists proved that it had a real biological skeletal structure and that it was the corpse of a dead creature, and not a hoax. So maybe fairies really do exist.

Can you identify the late-night visitor who stopped by the family’s home this past Sunday night?

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