Security camera records a terrifying humanoid creature at the entrance of a house in the US (Video)

Have you ever heard of The Rake? It is a creature that has a humanoid appearance, and that does not have a defined origin. Some point out that there are records of its existence in 17th century writings, while others say that it simply appeared originally on the Internet as a Creepypasta. Regardless of the debate over its true origin, this creature is said to attack humans for unknown reasons and, on certain occasions, inflicts great psychological trauma on its victims.

The Rake has also been linked to alternate figures, such as Slender Man, the abnormally tall and thin man who mysteriously appears in the woods. One theory is that The Rake could be a “disciple” of Slender Man, subject to his own conduct and actions. But maybe The Rake is more real than we think.

mysterious creature

Disconcerting security camera video circulating online shows what appears to be some sort of pale humanoid standing outside a Kentucky home. The disturbing video was shared on Instagram last week by a user Douglas Windsor McLoney III (chefboyrd118), who explained that the alleged encounter occurred outside a cabin near the Red River Gorge area.

In the footage, a white figure can be seen moving slowly and cautiously through what appears to be an entrance as if afraid to be seen.

“It doesn’t move like a human,” Douglas wrote. “He moves almost as if his kneecaps are pointing backwards. He reminds me of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. And in the last few seconds you can see the ribs and practically the bones of his skeleton.”

Wendigos are described as powerful monsters that have a desire to kill and eat their victims. In most legends, humans are transformed into wendigos due to their greed or weakness. Various indigenous traditions consider these mythological beings to be dangerous due to their thirst for blood and their ability to infect healthy people or communities with evil.

When eating human flesh, the person turns into a beast driven solely by hunger. The same thing that created them will haunt them for the rest of their lives. They will spend the rest of their time on this earth starving, only gaining momentary peace when they actively eat another person.

But the most skeptical argue that the intruder is simply a person who may be at the entrance with the intention of stealing parked vehicles and even with other more sinister intentions. Another possibility is that the video is simply a hoax.

But if you are one of those who thinks that it is a hoax, you may change your mind knowing that this is not the first time that they have recorded a similar creature. In 2018, another video shot in Canada showed a moose on the side of the road when a strange creature suddenly appeared, sneaking up on it.

The eerie moment was witnessed by a woman named Audrée Tanguay Fréchette and took place in a forest on the Gaspésie Peninsula, in the Canadian province of Quebec. Ella audree said that she did not see the strange creature at the time, it was later when she reviewed the images.

Recorded through the windshield of her vehicle apparently at dusk, the footage at first appeared to show a majestic moose. However, what caught our attention is what was behind the animal: a pale-looking sort of being that vaguely resembled a humanoid with a head and arms. The enigmatic figure appeared to be stalking the moose, which was apparently unaware or unintimidated by the creature.

What do you think about the mysterious creature? The Rake, a wendigo, a person trying to steal or just a hoax?

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