Remnants of a City on Mars Found in NASA’s Images – VIDEO

Often times referred to as the best virtual archaeologist of our generation, Scott C. Waring recently came out to us with yet another incredible discovery, to say the least.

He’s made hundreds of discoveries so far, but he believes that this is the one to prove once and for all that an ancient civilization of aliens used to live on Mars

Experts all around the globe have already been sure of the fact that the Red Planet has the right conditions to allow life to emerge, considering the fact that it even had ancient rivers running across it, but even so, there was very little proof of it here.

Thanks to his incredible observational skills though he’s finally uncovered what appears to be proof of an ancient Martian city. He claims that this race of Martians must have been very small, with each Martian being around 15 centimeters or so tall on average, since he even got himself proof of a small Martian female on the Red Planet 10 years ago.

He believes that these walls that he came across in the pictures are definitely remnants of cities which could hold millions of miniature Martians inside

When asked if there is a possibility of the walls being natural, he stated that they were clearly artificial as they were too uniform and thick to be natural.

What do you think though? Do you think that this is proof enough or are you just as skeptical as a lot of people are?


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