Pyramid on the Moon? Investigators find several pieces of evidence (VIDEO)

Scanning images from space for extraterrestrial evidence, a researcher found a pyramid-like structure on the surface of the Moon.

Mark Sawalha, known for showing various anomalies in photos taken from space , claimed to find what appears to be a pyramid near the crater Eudoxus on the Moon.

Pyramid on the Moon?In a photo taken by NASA , the ufologist assured that there is a pyramid looking at the object in the middle of the Eudoxus crater.

The photograph was taken by the Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LROC as it is popularly known.

“When I started researching this huge LROC map I found this object looking for a pyramid in Eudoxus Crater. My fellow anomaly hunters have also found other objects in the same image.”Sawalha’s previous finds include what appears to be “alien art.” Objects like cubes and other structures on the Moon. He even detected building-like structures on Venus.

Some theorists and researchers believe that the Moon could be inhabited by an extraterrestrial civilization . It is for this reason that NASA and decided to return since the end of the Apollo missions, in 1970. Other agencies have not sent manned missions to the Moon either.

They suspect that discoveries like this pyramid and other anomalies could be monuments built by an ancient alien civilization . Objects similar to the pyramids and other constructions made on Earth .

It should be noted that these types of anomalies have not been found only on the Moon. Mars and other parts of the Solar System also have similar structures.

Alien structures or optical illusion?There are several theories about these strange structures; our ancient civilizations were visited by superior extraterrestrial beings, who helped build these monuments.

It is even believed that the human race could have been “seeded” on Earth by these civilizations. Reason why the monuments are extremely similar.

Obviously, skeptics and NASA claim that these anomalies are just effects of pareidolia. Which would mean that the pyramid is “just a rock.”

It should be noted that Sawalha was not the only ufologist to capture the pyramid near the crater on the Moon. Researcher Scott Brando, administrator of the web portal, also reviewed it.

Although to everyone’s surprise, he stated that the image used by Sawalha was of lower quality than the one shown by NASA. He provided the link to the much clearer official image, showing that there is no pyramid in the crater.

It is not the first time that strange anomalies have been observed both on the Moon and in other parts of the world. Nor is it the first time that researchers have contradicted each other or disagreed… Whatever the case, the image exists and is left to the discretion of each one of us.

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