Prepare to be Astonished by the World’s Largest Bulldozer! (Video)

The Zd220 Series Bulldozer features a robust power system, incorporating the Cummins NT855C280 BC3 engine. Equipped with a Turbocharger, this bulldozer offers exceptional perforɱaпce and is supported by a globally renowned after-sales service system. With its high reliability, extended service life, fuel efficiency, and reduced noise levels, it stands as a remarkable choice in the industry.

Even if working on the Highland of 3000 m above sea level, it can ensure that the rated output power remains unchanged, precise and reliable.

Electronic monitoring system enables operators to know the equipment operation condition in real ᴛι̇ɱe.

The machine features user-friendly design, comfortable operation and attractive appearance.

Foreign ing, the dumper category Market Prince, sets yet again a new standard by increasing the panther T14 or its legendary speed and power, while adding a host of impressive new features designed to boost upᴛι̇ɱe and operator perforɱaпce with the new version of its large tracked rotating dumper.

With its 13 200 kilograms payload capacity, this rotating rubber track dumper allows contractors to work in tight, sensitive areas where other vehicles do not have access.

The t14rs overall design offers Superior visibility through unrestricted cab views for increased safety for operators and other jobsite workers.

The cat armored 966h wheel loader is a highly productive machine.

The type 1 machine is equipped with a 4.5 cubic yard Rock bucket.

The type 2 machine is equipped with a 5.0 cubic yard general purpose bucket.

Heavy loaders provide unsurpassed operational Readiness for the construction of airfields, Roads, Landing zones, defensive berms and anti-tank ditches.

The armored crew protection Kit Cpk on the 966h was developed with the soldiers protection and survivability in mind.

Katech’s Innovative ejector body has a payload capacity of 43 us short tons and fits on Volvo A40 and A45 adts.

The Ejb allows for trucks to safely eject loaded material in areas with reduced overhead clearance.

The K-Tech Ejb’s patent-pending bolt together design makes for affordable overseas shipments.

Foreign underground truck is designed for higher production, lower costs and increased productivity.

Built with solid construction to withstand the harsh conditions of your site, it features a number of improvements over the previous model, including five percent more load and higher torque.

The world-class cab keeps operators safe and comfortable throughout the entire shift, and new developments help ensure safety for everyone working on and or around the machine.

Powered by a Cat C27 engine that meets Eu stage V emission standards for cleaner perforɱaпce, as well as reduced ventilation costs.

Stark Road drags are agile thanks to the patented hydraulically turning Tire pack, which also enables crap control.

Thanks to this, soft roads can also be cared for on the road when it is possible to keep the base machine in the middle of the road.

The swivel Tire pack is also agile on narrow roads and tight bends, where the outer curve of the road can be swept with a single pull.

The roadway is also easy to reverse and turn.

The tire pack seals the surface of the Paved Road, giving a high quality and dust free finish.

Foreign Caterpillar announces the continued success of the source 777d for sale into the India market, first introduced in 2007..

The Cipl sourced 777d is equivalent to the D series product sourced out of Decatur.

This truck is Caterpillar branded, caterpillar quality, built to Caterpillar specifications and is supported under the caterpillar Asia Pacific’s warranty guidelines.

The new off Highway truck reduces cost per ton in the 110 size class by allowing a larger payload propelled by a reliable, high output powertrain incorporating the electronically controlled cat B series 3500 engine.

The rops Cap enables the operator to maintain Peak productivity throughout the entire shift.

Foreign, compact, powerful and technologically advanced Sandvik Dr-410i is designed to deliver unmatched productivity and return on investment for 152 to 251 millimeters rotary and dth holes, with a standard Mast offering a first pass capability of 10 amp or 33 feet and a max depth of 46.6 M or 153 feet.

The extended Mast option delivers a first pass depth of 14m or 46 feet, with a total depth capacity of 32.3 M or 106 feet across all recommended pipe diameters.


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