Pitbull’s touching story of escaping from the sacrifice of his beloved stuffed animal is a heartwarming rescue


Heartwarming Rescue: Pitbull’s Touching Tale of Escape from Sacrifice to Beloved Stuffed Animal

The fact that an innocent pitbull has to face certain death in a shelter, where they should offer her safety, love and protection; It is something that at Zoorprendente outrages us and we will never be able to understand.

Poor pets often end up in sad shelters for the most inhumane and absurd reasons. Sometimes, because they become old (just like humans), or because they cannot be controlled, they have behavioral problems, or families move.

In the case of a young pit bull named Layla , it was because her family thought “it was too much for them ,” according to Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a shelter that rescues stray, abandoned and/or unfairly treated animals. .

When her family abandoned her at the shelter, the pitbull was absolutely sad.

“We read the notes left by her owner, who said she had 5 children and two other dogs, and that she couldn’t take care of them all because she had too many pets. It was very sad and devastating,” Jackie said.

He missed his family with all his heart, but he was still very social.

Layla really adored the family’s children, ages 2 and 7, according to the shelter’s Facebook post. And when the family abandoned her, the dog didn’t know what to do.

“He wasn’t doing well. Many dogs get stressed in a shelter, because they lost everything they knew. “This dog was very close to the children of the house, so it did not surprise us that she felt uncomfortable in the shelter ,” says Jackie.

“The only thing that seemed to give him comfort was his stuffed toy.”

“He carried his stuffed animal down the street or through the garden, he never left it,”  says one of the rescuers, Julie Carner, on Facebook. “Today, that stuffed animal is all she has.”

Layla was not willing to leave her favorite toy alone for a single second.

But, that stuffed toy couldn’t help much more for Layla, who was in a PPP ( potentially dangerous dogs ) shelter, and if she wasn’t adopted soon, she was going to be euthanized.

“ He was on the list several times, so the shelter wasn’t going to give him more time,” Jackie says.

Luckily, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC volunteers pulled her from that devastating high-kill site, and she is now in a foster home.

“He relaxed quickly. He spent hours playing in the garden. She was doing very well, and she is without a doubt a great dog, we hope they will adopt her in a short time,” Jackie says.

In the transitional home the dog regained her happy character.

She started playing again and feeling safe.

“There are so many wonderful dogs that are abandoned in shelters every day. It’s so painful. But we are happy that she has her opportunity, because from everything we have seen, she is a great dog ,” Jackie assured.

It’s incredible to think that this dog was on death row several times without anyone taking a risk for her, thinking she was dangerous. That is the sad fate for many pit bulls due to the bad reputation that their highly stigmatized breed has.

Layla is waiting for a loving family, with children she can play with and care for, as most dogs look for and want. How happy she is to have an opportunity to show her affection!

Now she is waiting for a family to adopt her, to care for her and love her.

From the shelter they want to raise their voices on behalf of Layla and all the dogs of her breed, who, like her, are denied any opportunity to live for the simple fact of being a pit bull. Enough of so much injustice!

Let’s help more dogs like Layla have the opportunity to live with a family that loves her.


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