Panic in a Chinese city due to the presence of the ‘all-seeing eye’ in the sky (Video)

In the Esoteric and Paranormal World we have commented on many articles about the Blue Beam project. And it is not for less, since in recent years there have been strange phenomena in our skies that defy any logical and rational explanation. And while scientists try to discredit all these anomalies as simple weather phenomena, more and more doubt the scientific version. What’s more, conspiracy theorists are convinced that they are the result of a dark plan by government agencies called Project Blue Beam.

To know what the Blue Beam project is, we have to go back to 1994, when the Canadian journalist Serge Monast first developed the theory. The Monast hypothesis suggests that NASA, ESA, the UN, and the world’s major governments are preparing a plan to create a New World Order through the use of technologically simulated mind control to shape a global religion. The Canadian journalist believed that creating a single religion would be the only thing that would make a world dictatorship possible. And this would be carried out through four phases: The first would be to discredit all existing religions by decomposing all archaeological knowledge.

The second would be to use space phenomena in our skies with 3D holographic images, lasers, and sounds to trick people into believing in a new God. The third would be to use low frequency radio waves to telepathically communicate with humans in an attempt to shape their beliefs to match the teachings of the new religion. And last but not least, they would be universal supernatural manifestations using electronic media. But according to experts in the field, we would now find ourselves in the second phase, space phenomena in our skies to deceive people into believing in a new God. And if you still have doubts, just watch a new video that shows a spooky cloud formation in Inner Mongolia, north of China. Described as the “Eye of God,” their oval shape is illuminated by the Sun or Moon in the center, resembling an eye looking down on Earth.

The Eye of Horus in Inner Mongolia

The incredible footage was taken in Hulun Buir, a city-prefecture in Inner Mongolia province, People’s Republic of China, on June 25. A woman sitting in a car can be heard wondering if the phenomenon is “lao tian you yan”, which means “God has eyes”.

Because no one has been able to find an answer to the strange phenomenon, many have offered their own theories about it. And what has attracted the most attention is that for a few years now, the citizens of Hulun Buir have been reporting strange natural phenomena in the sky. Last November, some residents claimed to have seen ‘three suns’ appearing in the sky. But users on social networks have also wanted to give their point of view.

Some said it might be related to another amazing video that went viral this week, supposedly showing ‘God’ walking across the sky through the clouds during a storm in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This has led believing users to ensure that all these phenomena are divine signs in our skies, while others believe that it is the second phase of the Blue Beam project. But there are also those who believe that this is part of a dark plan on the part of the Illuminati, and that the phenomenon of Hulun Buir is the all-seeing eye. Also known as the Eye of Providence, it is the symbol of a single eye surrounded by a triangle, often accompanied by bright rays of light.

Its origins date back to ancient Egypt and the eye of Horus. According to experts on the subject, the all-seeing eye is a reminder of the existence of a higher being, the “Great Architect of the Universe” who watches over the entire world. And every time the Eye of Providence appears it means you are a pawn in a grand conspiracy involving the control and enslavement of humanity. At least, that’s what they believe.

Is it the ‘all-seeing eye’? Is the phenomenon that occurred in Inner Mongolia the second phase of the Blue Beam project? A divine sign? Or is it just a strange natural phenomenon?

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