Narrating the rescue of a sick dog that was cruelly thrown in a trash bag, the story moves rescuers to tears

An emaciated Boxer was found in a trash bag outside of a shelter, and rescuers were uncertain if she was still alive. However, it wasn’t just her, as she had a companion with her – a male boxer tied to a pole nearby.

Both dogs were in a terrible condition and made the shelter staff at Unleashed pet Rescue and Adoption in Mission, Kansas, emotional just looking at them. Hope, the female boxer, was lying in the garbage bag, barely able to move, while Triumph, the male, was having trouble standing.

The shelter staff immediately rushed the dogs to the veterinarian for testing and care. After several days of medical care, the rescue did share some positive news about the pair of dogs. Hope not only gained 7 pounds, but she was also able to get up and walk. She is still on antibiotics for her infected elbow and pyometra, but she is in much better spirits.

Triumph is also making progress. He is on medication and will be working to build up the muscles in his back and legs. The plan is physical therapy with water therapy. He is such a sweet dog and is working on recovery in his foster home.

The rescue is awaiting test results to learn how far Hope’s cancer has spread. The masses are likely cancer, but the rescuers hope that the cancer has not progressed so she can have her last weeks, months, or year in a home and be spoiled rotten.

“We will keep everyone updated and will not give up on these sweet babies. They deserve a chance to be loved and live happy lives,” says CEO and founder Danielle Reno.

The heartbreaking discovery of these abandoned dogs highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need for animal rescue organizations. We should always treat animals with kindness and compassion, and if we cannot care for them, we must seek help from animal shelters or rescue groups.

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