Millions of people admired the small girl who sobbed when her mother reprimanded her because the devoted Golden Dog shielded her

Dogs are not just pets; they’re loyal friends and protectors. This story of a golden retriever’s fierce loyalty to his human sister is proof of that.

Harry, the golden retriever, shares a unique bond with his human sister from the day she was born. His protective instinct towards her is heartwarming and has caught the attention of netizens worldwide.

Loyal golden retriever 1

When the little girl got in trouble for using her mom’s new facial cream, Harry was there to shield her. The mother captured this touching moment on video, which quickly went viral on Chinese social media.

In an interview with MailOnline, the mother, Ms. Sun, recounted the incident. “I was really upset at first because I had just bought that cream, and half of it was gone. But when I saw Harry protecting my daughter, my anger just melted away.”

Loyal golden retriever 2

Despite sometimes finding Harry’s overprotectiveness exasperating, Ms. Sun admits that it’s incredibly endearing. She realized that dogs express their love in unique ways if treated with kindness and respect.

She said, “Whenever we speak harshly to [Yu yu], Harry would immediately come over and shield her with his paws. He would protect her with his life.”

Loyal golden retriever 3

Click here to watch this heartwarming moment:

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