Miami residents capture incredible footage of glowing UFO spheres appearing in the sky (VIDEO)

The Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious and enigmatic region bounded by Miami, Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, has long been a hotbed of strange activity, with many theories attempting to explain the unexplained phenomena that occur there. From strange disappearances to glowing orbs lighting up the sky, the Bermuda Triangle has been the subject of many investigations and debates.


In June 2020, a man on the balcony of a downtown high-rise in Miami, Florida, captured something unusual on video. Glowing orbs appeared in the sky, and the witness was quick to share the footage online. The video quickly went viral, with many speculating that it could be a UFO sighting.


The footage shows what appears to be a triangular craft rimmed by five lights, with a sixth line and one brighter light. As the witness zooms in on the object, the lights seem to fan out like they are six different craft, before zooming off into space at warp speed. The witness is heard reacting to the scene, exclaiming “Wow!” and “What is that?”


Author and journalist Alexis Brooks, who has written and spoken extensively about UFOs, says that sightings like this are not uncommon, particularly in recent years. She notes that a sighting is reported every eight seconds globally, indicating that there may be more to these phenomena than meets the eye.


The lights in the Miami footage have been compared to another weird phenomenon called the Hessdalen lights, which have been seen over Norway for decades. These orbs, sometimes hovering, sometimes shooting off at speeds estimated at 20,000 miles per hour, have been known to sterilize soil near where they are sighted. Explanations for the Hessdalen lights range from UFOs to an anomaly caused by gases released from the Earth.


Two video experts, Michael Primo and Mark d’antonio, were asked to analyze the Miami footage. Primo, a forensic video analyst who examines video evidence for court cases, noted that there was no human reaction time in the footage, suggesting that the operator knew exactly what was going to happen. D’antonio, a video analyst with a degree in astronomy, pointed out that the UFOs moved differently from the background, indicating that the footage had been manipulated.



a simple smartphone app, and the witness who made the video declined to be interviewed. While this hoax may have muddied the water for people genuinely trying to study UFOs, it is clear that the fascination with the unexplained phenomena of the Bermuda Triangle is not going away anytime soon.


In conclusion, while the Miami footage may not be proof of extraterrestrial life, it does provide an interesting glimpse into the ongoing debate surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Whether you believe in UFOs or not, the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle continue to captivate and intrigue us. The proof may be out there, but for now, the search for answers continues.

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