Many witnesses filmed a large UFO flying at high speed when it plunged down the boulevard above Stonehenge (Video)

Many wonder how the prehistoric monument Stonehenge, UK was built without advanced engineering knowledge or sophisticated tools. This very question has puzzled historians and archaeologists alike for centuries. Stonehenge took almost 1,500 years to build and is believed to have been erected between 3,000 and 2,000 BC. The Stonehenge building consists of sarsen sandstone slabs excavated from local Salisbury quarries, while other smaller bluestone rocks are from more than 300 kilometers away from the site. rock at such a great distance?

Since there is no definitive answer to how Stonehenge was designed by these Neolithic peoples, experts such as Swiss author Erich von Däniken argue that Stonehenge was built by extraterrestrial beings with superior knowledge of science and engineering who arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. sharing his experience with the first Neolithic civilizations. Däniken suggested that the creation of Stonehenge in the Neolithic period was a model of our solar system, serving as a solar and lunar calendar. And it is also said that the enigmatic place serves as an identifier that the planet is inhabited with advanced life for extraterrestrial civilizations. We do not know if this is really the explanation for the construction of Stonehenge, but the truth is that for decades there have been countless UFO sightings in the place, such as the one that occurred recently.

Mysterious object near Stonehenge

While the whole world is wondering what the mysterious metal monolith found in Utah is, now a mysterious video showing a UFO flying towards Stonehenge has gone viral on the internet. The video appears to have been recorded by a man named Tash Minto and his partner Tony Waterhouse while driving on the A303 road outside Mere, Wiltshire on 31 October 2020.

The UFO was a flat circular disk with a very intense white light, and Tash didn’t think twice, she took the phone from it and recorded the amazing sighting. Both eyewitnesses also revealed that the mysterious unidentified flying object was moving towards Stonehenge. Tash explained that the UFO simply disappeared from his sight without leaving any trace of its presence.

“It came out of nowhere and disappeared just as quickly,” Waterhouse told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

Both marketing specialist Minto and Waterhouse have desperately searched for a logical and rational explanation for the enigmatic sighting, with theories ranging from drones, a hoax and even the moon. But they have not ruled out that it is of extraterrestrial origin.

“Tony kept mentioning that he was like the X-Files and I told him to stop because it didn’t seem natural,” Minto continued. “I’m a big fan of nature and this didn’t seem to be coming from anything like the sun or the moon, it was like it was something artificial. Tony said they were definitely little green men. Personally, I think if they are out there, they won’t be very small. I think they will be gigantic.”

As the video of the mysterious object over Stonehenge went viral on social media, many netizens claimed that this sighting is another proof of alien existence on our planet and how they use ancient monuments to move across worlds. Even other users said that their presence on Earth is for a very different reason. On November 12, the British government allowed the construction of a controversial road tunnel under Stonehenge.

The transport secretary has dismissed the planning inspectors’ recommendation and approved a development consent order that will allow the A303 road to be converted into a dual carriageway tunnel under the historic monument.

Druids, environmental activists and archaeologists greeted the decision with dismay. There were warnings that extraterrestrial races would travel from all over the universe to protest against the project. And it seems that it has been so, since this new sighting could show how aliens are against touching their valuable portal.

What do you think about the Stonehenge sighting? Is it of extraterrestrial origin? Or do you have another explanation?

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