Loving Guide Dogs Guarantee Blind Owners’ Safety by Warning of an Upcoming Subway Collapse


Cecil Williams sat in his hospital bed, gently caressing his faithful guide dog, Orlando, after a frightening incident on the subway tracks. Orlando had performed an incredible act of bravery when his blind owner lost consciousness and fell from the station platform onto the tracks, ultimately saving Cecil’s life.

As Cecil recovers in the hospital, he’s faced with decisions about Orlando’s future. Originally, he had plans to receive a new working dog in January or February to replace Orlando, who is now 11 years old. However, his hopes have evolved. Ideally, Cecil would like to have two dogs – one to assist him as a working dog and another as a cherished pet – if it’s feasible considering logistics, physical capabilities, and finances.

In the event that having two dogs isn’t feasible, there is another heartwarming option. The family that raised Orlando from a puppy is more than willing to welcome him back into their lives. According to Michelle Brier, a spokesperson for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, “They’re very thrilled their little baby has made such a big difference.”

Cecil Williams mentioned that he couldn’t afford the expenses associated with a non-working dog, which led him to consider finding a loving home for Orlando. Guiding Eyes provides working dogs at no cost to their handlers, but they cannot cover the expenses of retired dogs.

However, after The Associated Press published an interview and photographs of Cecil and Orlando in the hospital, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center began receiving offers of financial assistance and other forms of support from well-wishers. Guiding Eyes has graciously stepped in to help manage these inquiries.

Should Cecil decide to care for two dogs, he would likely require financial assistance to support Orlando’s well-being. Michelle Brier expressed that they are patiently awaiting Cecil’s decision, as he is currently going through an incredibly emotional and challenging time.

The organization is in the process of setting up a fund for this purpose, and information will be made available on their website. If, in the end, Cecil doesn’t require the financial support, the funds will be allocated for the care of other guide dogs, ensuring that more dogs can continue to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Cecil Williams, 61 years old, and his loyal companion Orlando both miraculously escaped serious injury when a train passed over them. This incredible turn of events marked the end of a harrowing ordeal that began when Cecil felt faint on his way to the dentist.

Witnesses at the scene recounted how Orlando barked frantically and attempted to prevent Cecil from falling off the platform. A man named Matthew Martin shared with the New York Post that Orlando had leaped onto the tracks as the train approached, trying to coax Cecil to move to safety by kissing him.

As of Wednesday, Cecil mentioned that he’s “feeling a little bit better,” although he remains uncertain about the duration of his hospital stay. He spoke of the soreness in his head where the staples were placed and the bruises on his body, emphasizing that medical tests are still ongoing to determine the underlying cause of his fainting episode.

Cecil’s story and Orlando’s heroic actions have touched the hearts of many, serving as a testament to the incredible bond between humans and their canine companions. The future, whether it involves one dog or two, remains uncertain but filled with hope and support from a compassionate community. How do you feel about these heartwarming events, and do you think it’s possible for Cecil to care for both a working dog and a retired pet dog? Share your thoughts and well-wishes in the comments below.

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