Hero man jumps over thorny fence into zoo to save a drowning chimpanzee (VIDEO)

One day, like any other day, the Detroit Zoo chimpanzee exhibit was surrounded with spectators on all sides, when suddenly, a playful chase between two chimps took an accidental turn, and one of the chimps slipped into the muddy moat surrounding the exhibit.

Unlike humans, chimps’ bodies are not designed to have the natural buoyancy in water. So the poor chimp started drowning very soon. None of the zoo staff dared to go near him, as they feared the aggressive tendencies of the territorial chimps in the colony.

But one man named Rick Swope could not hold himself back at the pitiful sight of the struggling chimp. He instinctively crossed the enclosure, and dived straight into the moat. But again, the murky water made it impossible for him to locate the chimp.

By now, the crowd started cheering Rick. They guided him through the water as they helped him reach the chimp. As he brought the chimp back to safety, the chimp family was only grateful, and let him return unharmed. Rick’s brave and selfless act of kindness has indeed won our hearts today!

Click the video below to watch Rick put his life on line to save the helpless chimp!

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