Gigantic UFO Spotted Hovering in Sky: Conspiracy Frenzy as Claims of Alien Presence Surface (Video)

BIZARRE footage has emerged of a strange object floating above houses in broad daylight.

While most UFO sightings take place at night, the mysterious object was spotted at 2pm.

The video appears to show a long, black craft floating in the sky above nearby houses.

The camera then zooms in on the strange object, revealing half a dozen huge spikes dangling from the rear of the reported ship.

It was captured in The Hague in the Netherlands earlier this week and has gained nearly 5,000 times since its upload earlier this week.

Viewers have been stunned by the footage, with one person writing: “Some craziness right there!”

Another shocked believer wrote: “They are here.”

But others are less than convinced, arguing the object may have just been a smudge of paint on the window.

One sceptic wrote: “A painting task at the window.”

And another added: “It doesn’t pass the smell test with me. Too odd and too huge. It would be ALL over the damn news if that sat over a city!”

However, all is not as it seems.

YouTube star ExtraCourant has since uploaded a video proving the UFO was faked using Photoshop technology.

He said it was to show how you can “fool the Internet”.

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