Frances Egyptologist Found An “Alien” in The Great Pyramid’s Secret Chamber. (VIDEO)

The French Egyptologist discovered a hidden room in the Great Pyramid of Giza’s interior in 1988. He believed that the area had been entirely locked off soon after the pyramid was constructed and that no one had gone inside since.

The chamber included a number of peculiar artifacts, including papyrus with hieroglyphic writings describing the advent of a message from the stars during the time of Pharaoh Khufu. He said that this enigmatic document represented a messenger who had descended from the skies to notify the impending arrival of his “brother of his.”

The papyrus was found in the room, but it wasn’t the strangest item. She also discovered a tiny, clear crystalline casket with a little extraterrestrial humanoid creature’s body inside of it. The monster seemed to be ԀeαԀ. Caparat summoned his buddy, the scientist F. De Braga, who was naturally shocked by his findings.

In order to get blood, tissue, and DNA samples from the sample, which Caparat had told him was a foreign body, Braga boarded the nearest aircraft to Cairo. Braga, however, never made it to the Great Pyramid’s location. As soon as he arrived, he was detained by Egyptian officials, who then swiftly deported him to his native Madrid. The SSI, Egypt’s intelligence service, then managed to capture the extraterrestrial species and transport it to an unidentified location.

The Egyptian government hasn’t made any public statements on this occurrence since 1988. It’s not the first time that explorers searching the enigmatic pyramids have discovered remains that don’t seem to be human. There is a very ancient legend in Egypt about Caliph Abdullah al-Ma’mun, who in the year 813 discovered the bones of an extraterrestrial humanoid.

Peter Tompkins claims that according to folklore, al-Ma’mun discovered a statue made of stone depicting a man with a foreign body, a valuable sword, a gold armor, and a “egg-sized” ruby inserted into its forehead.

All traces of that extraterrestrial, along with all the other artifacts in this cave, had been eliminated by government agents. In order to support their findings, scientists planned to gather blood and DNA samples as well as images of the discovery. But due of government interference, this did not occur.

Is there a global cover-up about aliens?

Why shouldn’t they be found if they are flying across the whole planet and universe? Given the information available about these entities in 2017, one can speculate that perhaps they are concealing themselves from the public.

They seemed to be coming and leaving in Egypt at the time, and everyone was aware of them. Why then did they alter their plans? A mystery surrounds the Great Pyramid. It is essentially the only building of such scale that was “man-made” that is present on Earth.

Who were these guys that they could build such a massive structure? Who could construct a skyscraper with their hands, in turn, may have been the greatest discovery of all time. Wasn’t there anything published about how they accomplished this somewhere?

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