Ferocious Showdown: A brutal battle between two enraged cheetahs leaves one with serious injuries

These two cheetahs were caught on camera locked in a fierce battle in South Africa.

The two combatants were spotted biting and scratching at each other near Tshokwane, Kruger National Park, leaving both of them bleeding. In the wake of the fight, one appeared to have suffered slightly worse injuries than the other, and was reportedly seen in the same spot for two days, licking his wounds.

It is not known what sparked the fierce fight, but it is likely to have been over territory as cheetahs commonly live and hunt alone. As the cheetahs were both male, it could also have been a fight over a female.

Two Cheetahs - HooDoo Wallpaper
Fight to the death: The two cheetahs could be seen scratching and biting each other during their battle
Γιάννης Κατσίμπας - Kifisia-Life
Bite me! The animals were seen locked in a fierce fight near Tshokwane, Kruger National Park, South Africa
بالصور: معركة دامية بين فهدين | النهار
Come at me bro: It is not known why the cheetahs were fighting, but it may have been over territory or a female
Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)- Data, Pictures & Videos
You’re hurting me: One of the cheetahs suffered worse injuries than the other, according to the photographer
Cat fight! Two cheetahs go hell for leather in dramatic photos taken in South African national park | Daily Mail Online
Recovery: The injured cheetah spent almost two days in the same spot, wallowing in his pain, licking his wounds

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