Fate twists when No one accepts the husky because her face looks like this (VIDEO)

A husky dog who suffered the devastating consequences of being homeless finally knew the joy of having the love of a family.

Some puppies are left to their own devices because of their condition, their age or simply because of their appearance and sadly they spend their lives in shelters, on the street or even have a fatal outcome without knowing the feeling of being loved and protected.

It is everyone’s commitment to create awareness about the importance of adopting without having any type of demand, but as an act of solidarity and love. All dogs deserve a chance , and we must learn to see like them: with the eyes of the heart.

So did the woman who decided to welcome this husky into her home, who has a tumor that invades her nasal cavity and face.

At the Dog Rescue Rehab Reform shelter in Dallas, Texas, they are committed to caring for dogs in urgent need of care, dedicated to caring for dogs that have the least chance of finding a home.

This husky named Serenity was moved from a San Antonio shelter to this location, she has an invasive tumor that developed in her nasal cavity and rose above her eyes and skull.

Almost all the bones in the face of this husky dog have been affected by the tumor, but she does not lose her joy or the desire to live despite the adversities of her disease.

At the shelter they knew that she deserved support and love, so they fight every day to offer her the best possible quality of life.

Patti Dawson, president of the animal shelter, decided to help her and has shown that it pays to lend a helping hand to all dogs regardless of their state of health. It has been very gratifying to see the happiness that this adorable husky has since they have been together.

Patti Dawson said that she is very affectionate, she has always been grateful for the help she has received.

“She gets up, leans over with her huge tumor on her face, and kisses me on the face. From the first moment, I knew that we were going to fight until the end to do what we could to save her because she had life left ”, related Patti Dawson.

The sweet husky has posed before the lens of a professional animal photographer who has captured very emotional images. Renee Dowhaniuk was in charge of doing a photo session that will immortalize the adorable dog.

With her nobility, Serenity captivates everyone around her and thousands of people on the networks who have heard of her case.

Serenity was evaluated by an oncologist, an internal medicine specialist, and a critical care specialist. The veterinarians joined their efforts to help them, the dog is able to see, breathe and eat on its own without difficulties, but unfortunately they cannot do anything to eliminate the tumor.

Dawson hoped that they could give his husky effective treatment or an operation, but despite everything, he will strive to continue giving him days of maximum happiness and ensuring his well-being.

“We didn’t get the news we wanted, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop loving her the way she deserves,” said the husky’s adoptive mother.

Serenity has become the favorite dog of thousands of people, her owner receives gifts at home from those who have been moved by her case and hope that she can remain like this for many more years , without pain and surrounded by love.

Solidarity has been present to help this dog, at her house they have received more than 300 packages of special food and other donations.

The work of those who rescued this husky dog to change her destiny is admirable . Those are the heroes we need so much to fight for the rights of these innocent beings who deserve all our love.

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