Eye Witness UFO Above The Sea Filmed From The Beach in Oceanside, CA USA (Video)

I’ve written over 1350 post’s across 3 website blogs regarding people’s UFO videos covering all UFOs and shapes. Update it was 2 week’s ago in Oceanside, CA USA. End of January 2023.

Eye Witness UFO Above The Sea Filmed From The Beach in Oceanside, CA USA - AmazingStories.NET

I wished the eye witness had mentioned where this was, what time and date as historically it’s important now that we know UFOs are real.

So, personally if I was talking about someone else who might have written that many articles, I’d say that they know a thing or two about this type of craft? Researching UFO sighting’s comes down to the available information that everyone has access to online.

If this UFO was part of a top secret agencies billion dollars program I get the feeling that we wouldn’t see it at all. That craft would be hidden away in some underground warehouse tethered to the ground. A ground which if a craft fell to, it wouldn’t scratch it. So what’s the chances of this being a top secret technology program craft, slim to none I’d say.

Is it a genuine UFO sighting?

Possibly it’s a real video by the eye witness but it could be CGI and also instead of that it could be that there’s a balloon been flown by a person or groups of persons hoping that it’s filmed by some unsuspecting people on holiday? It might even just be a case of perspectives and it’s actually a boat in the water but looks like it’s a craft hovering? It’s definitely not that as this one’s way to high in the sky. But I’m just narrowing down the list.

I’ve seen that type of perspective video before and when the camera actually zoomed in, it was a boat and in front of it was a shimmering haze. The horizon line had literally disappeared and looked like it was lower than it actually was. I’m not sure that’s what we’re seeing here but it could be something similar?

RC mylar balloon sharks exist filled with helium, dolphins, and anything else that can be shaped with a balloon and flown using helium and small motors to turn rotating propeller’s.

Eye Witness UFO Above The Sea Filmed From The Beach in Oceanside, CA USA - AmazingStories.NET

It could be an innocent mix up and this is a family on vacation with a balloon that’s got away from them? We have to speculate even when the video has been sent in without any information? The best way to eliminate speculation is to give a little bit of information on what you saw, your thoughts and your time, place and date.

Again, it’s just a case of speculation and going down the list of possible things it could be and hopefully the people watching this might be able to see something that isn’t seen by myself? Every single post I write I’m asking for help with solving the specific UFO sighting.

Is this part of a secret technology program, we cannot rule it out.

It’s a tantalizing thought to think that there’s some top secret place working on reverse engineered craft’s and flying those craft’s in our atmosphere. If only it was true. That’d mean UFOs are definitely real and that going back in history, any of the famous sighting’s could be real?

And it could be a genuine UFO sighting too.

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