Extraordinary Mutation: Calf Born with Two Noses, Three Eyes, and Partial Facial Features in Southern India (Video)

A remarkable genetic anomaly was witnessed in Navalur village, located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. A calf, born on August 10, defied expectations with its extraordinary features, including two noses, three eyes, and an incomplete facial structure. Despite its unique appearance, the calf remains unnamed and is progressing in good health.

Con bê đột biến có 2 mũi và 3 mắt ảnh 1

The calf has 3 eyes and two noses. Photo: Caters

The calf has a normal body but has two fused heads, forming 3 eyes, 2 noses, and a common mouth.

Genetically mutant calf has 2 noses, 3 eyes - srody.com

Sanglimuthu, the calf’s owner, said that everyone was shocked when they saw the animal. No one thought it could live to this day. He said the calf currently only drinks milk and drinks about 5 bottles of milk a day.

“No one in the village, not even the veterinarians, believed that the calf would survive even a week. Yet it has been living well for more than a month now,” said Mr. Sanglimuthu.

Con bê đột biến có 2 mũi và 3 mắt ảnh 2

Mr. Sanglimuthu with his special calf. Photo: Caters

He also said, since the news about the calf spread throughout the village, ɱaпy curious people flocked to his house to see the strange animal with their own eyes.

“We were all amazed when we heard that a calf with two heads was born in our village. This is a miracle,” said a villager named Thirumurugan.


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