Everyone felt sorry for the infant whose birthmark covered half of his face, and they all wanted his son to get better


Branded a ‘monster,’ Brooke Atkins, 33, stood firm in her decision to seek treatment for her little boy, Kingsley, born in January last year to Brooke and partner Kewene Wallace, 27.Kingsley bore a large port wine stain covering half of his face, typically harmless but associated with rare complications. Doctors diagnosed him with Sturge Weber Syndrome and linked his port wine stain to glaucoma, threatening his vision and causing seizures.

Confronted with this reality, on May 31 last year, Brooke made the tough choice to opt for laser treatment on Kingsley’s skin. Explaining her decision, Brooke highlighted the progressive nature of port wine stains and the risks they pose as they worsen. She emphasized the importance of maintaining skin health through treatment to prevent further damage.

Upon referral to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Australia, they opted for laser treatment, aiming not to eliminate the birthmark but to safeguard Kingsley’s skin.Despite the medical necessity, Brooke faced backlash on social media, criticized for the decision to treat her child. Negative comments took a toll, causing her distress despite knowing she was making the right choice for Kingsley’s health.

Despite the challenges, the overwhelming support from many who understood the severity of Kingsley’s conditions uplifted Brooke, though she wishes detractors had a better understanding of the health implications before judging her decision. While she continues to worry about Kingsley’s future, he remarkably meets all his developmental milestones, offering hope amid the hardships.

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