Defying death and banding together to save the dog’s precious life from a devastating injury: The owner’s desperate plea for assistance sets off an epic journey

Hayden Howard sensed something was amiss with her dog last spring. While Hayden was at home, Jackson, her English mastiff, played in the backyard.

When she called him, he appeared to have been severely bitten by insects. When she looked closer at the wounds, she found they were far worse.

“I was so stunned that I didn’t know what to think,” Hayden explained in an interview.When she learned Jackson had been shot, she brought him to the veterinarian clinic right away. The veterinarian discovered a high number of tiny bullets fired from an air gun in the dog’s body when examining him.

“One was stuck directly under the eyelid, one in the ear, one in the knee,” Hayden adds.

The veterinarian had to shave off a lot of Jackson’s hair to retrieve the bullets since there were so many of them. He extracted a total of 27 bullets and was compelled to leave 20 more in the dog’s body to avoid further injury.

Furthermore, the veterinarian discovered 20 additional gunshot wounds in Jackson’s body. He was shot more than 70 times.

I don’t understand how somebody could be so cruel to a dog, especially when it didn’t injure anyone. It was assumed that the bullets were fired from an adjacent yard, and police launched a manhunt for the offender.

They soon discovered concealed rounds and a weapon in an adjacent residence. The next-door neighbor had previously been convicted of drug-related offenses.

I sincerely hope that the perpetrator guilty for what he did to Jackson receives a lengthy jail sentence and pays for his heinous act.

And I’d like to assume that after he’s released, he won’t be able to harm any animals again.

Despite a devastating injury, Jackson recovers rapidly, according to Hayden.

I sincerely hope that Jackson will heal completely and be able to play in the garden securely again soon.

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