Causing panic among residents, a total of 10 venomous snakes were discovered together in a house in Akhand Nagar.

In a surprising incident in Akhandnagar, 10 venomous snakes were found in a single house, causing a stir among the residents of the area. The situation was brought under control by a team of expert snake rescuers who were called upon to handle the situation.

The incident took place in a house in Akhandnagar, where the presence of 10 venomous snakes caused panic and chaos among the residents. Upon being alerted, the authorities immediately dispatched a team of snake rescuers to the location.


The snake rescuers arrived at the scene equipped with all the necessary tools and expertise to safely capture and remove the snakes from the premises. The process was carried out with great caution and care, to ensure the safety of both the snakes and the people present.

As the team of rescuers went about their task, a large crowd of curious onlookers gathered around the house to witness the operation. ɱaпy were amazed at the sight of so ɱaпy snakes in one place and expressed their admiration for the bravery of the rescuers.


The situation was finally brought under control after the successful capture and removal of all 10 snakes from the house. The snakes were later released into their natural habitat, far away from any residential areas.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of being cautious and vigilant when it comes to dealing with snakes. It is crucial to call upon the services of expert snake rescuers when faced with such a situation, in order to ensure the safety of all those involved.


In conclusion, the presence of 10 venomous snakes in a single house in Akhandnagar caused great concern among the residents of the area. However, the situation was handled with great care and expertise by a team of snake rescuers, who successfully captured and removed all the snakes from the premises. It is essential to be cautious and call upon expert help when dealing with such situations, in order to ensure the safety of all those involved.

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