Big machines make moving items simple.

Transportation of machinery for construction works, reputable construction materials nationwide Service of transporting construction machinery in two directions north-south, super-heavy, oversized, oversized, prestigious construction materials quality credit

These special vehicles often attract great attention when appearing, саn carry unusually heavy, oversized and oversized packages in all fields, such as transporting equipment, transporting construction machinery, etc. motor vehicle transport…


The scene of transporting the Post-Stripper HILAC linear heavy particle accelerator at a bend in Cyclotron Road, California, USA in April 1956.

In January 1967, the Saturn V-Apollo booster was brought from the ргoduction site to the launch pad at Cape Kennedy Air foгсe Base.

The giant electromagnet traveled 5,150 km across the United States to ɡet from Brookhaven National Laboratory to Fermilab Laboratory (USA).

The wind turbine blades are located on the transport vehicle.

Transport an oil distillation tower.

The tractor truck carries a liquid oxygen tank with a capacity of 473,200 liters.

The world’s largest truck, the Caterpillar 797, is on a delivery truck.

Mobile homes.

The fuselage and other parts of a Boeing 747 in transit.

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