Astronomers Discover The Largest Natural Diamond In The Universe And Weighs 10 Billion Trillion Trillion Carats

The largest diamond in the cosmos is not found on Earth.


In reality, it is a white dwarf star called BPM 37093 or V886 Centauri. An “extinct” or “dead” star is a white dwarf star.

Diamond-shaped V886 Centauri floats in outer space. The white dwarf star’s core is thought to be a 10-billion-trillion-trillion-carat diamond.

The star V886 Centauri, which is 50 light-years away from the Earth, is located in the constellation Centaurus. It is a continuously pulsing, vividly blazing light. To determine the star’s internal makeup, the pulsations were observed.

The majority of the star’s elements are carbon and oxygen, but astronomers studying the star’s interior discovered that some of the carbon has crystallized into a massive diamond. Diamonds are created as the white dwarf star cools and its material crystallizes from the center outward. The star is 4000 kilometers in diameter.

Scientists estimate that almost 90% of the mass of V886 Centauri has already solidified.

In commemoration of the Beatles’ timeless song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, the star V886 Centauri has been given the name “Lucy.”

It is the largest diamond in the universe, and astronomers claim it is evidence of the Solar System’s fate. Scientists predict that our Sun could become a white dwarf star in five billion years. It is highly likely that it will also change into a V886 Centauri that resembles a diamond.

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