Animals with such rarity that their names will leave you astounded

1. Slim cutie

The slender loris is a nocturnal primate with slender, elongated limbs and distinctive large round eyes. It exhibits a deliberate and cautious hunting technique, moving slowly to capture its prey.

Approximately the size of a chipmunk, the slender loris has an average lifespan of 12-15 years. One of its remarkable traits is the practice of smearing urine on its face, hands, and feet, which serves as an attractant for its preferred food sources, including cockroaches and venomous insects.

2. Navy

Sure, everyone had the feeling at first that they were a hybrid between a pig and a slug, but actually seagulls are a genus of sea melons on the ocean floor. They often forage on the sea floor, often organic garbage. They use their proboscis legs to move around while their tentacles help push food into their mouths.

3. ɱaпtis shrimp

The ɱaпtis shrimp is an impossibly beautiful crustacean that is sure to impress you with its lively body. They use their colorful construction to camouflage themselves in bright coral reefs. In addition, they have powerful claws that can compress a powerful force with a 22 mm bullet, which can “crush” any prey that comes into their sights. They are also the most visible creatures on Earth.

4. Crystal Frog

Found mainly along rivers and streams in Central and South America, crystal frogs are about 1.2 to 3 inches long. They get their name because of the transparent skin underneath their belly that exposes the digestive tract and all other internal organs, including eggs if present .

5. Animals with pink carapace

The carapace of this animal is pale pink and covers its entire body from head to toe. This nocturnal animal is only 4 inches (about 10cm) long and has strangely sharp claws capable of gliding through beneath the surface of sand.

6. Star-nosed mole rat

Star-nosed moles are considered to be the fastest mammals, although they lack the ability to see and are on average smaller than moles. In front of this animal’s snout, there are 11 pairs of pink proboscis (leftover flesh) protruding forward. These extras have more than 25,000 sensory receptors that help them touch and smell, making up for its blindness.

7. Orbweaver

This animal has a colorful carapace with bright spikes protruding from it. Orbweaver spiders are also known as crab spiders in some places. According to scientists, the shape and color of this spider has evolved, to protect it from predators, because they are completely harmless. Their bites only cause mild skin irritation, not toxic like their distant “relatives”.

8. Tapir

Although this species looks like a pig, it is actually closely related to horses and rhinos. The distinguishing features of this species are the round rump, oval ears, and short tail. Tapirs have a set of 44 teeth and usually eat berries, leaves, and fruit. They have an incredible speed and muscular size (adult males can weigh up to 300kg) that keep them away from predators. However, two of the four tapir species are on the endangered list and will soon disappear from the Earth.

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