Ancient Egyptian artifacts proving a different race’s culture: A Maternity Hospital for Extraterrestrials (VIDEO)

In Egypt, an attempt could be made to assimilate creatures with other parameters, this is evidenced not only by frescoes and temples, but also by found maternity hospitals for aliens.

Frescoes in temples and pyramids

The fact that Egypt was visited by strange creatures from heaven is said in several ancient papyri. For example, in a papyrus found in the Cairo bazaar by the Catholic monk Tolli, it was said that in 1480 BC, under Pharaoh Thutmose III, a fiery disk with a diameter of 50 meters descended to the ground, and the creatures that emerged from it had a conversation with the pharaoh himself.

Pharaoh’s subordinates fell on their faces and did not dare to look at them. A few days later, many such ships began to appear in the sky. The pharaoh gathered an army to watch over them. Alien ships flew south, and fish, lizards and other animals rained down on the Egyptians from the sky, which the Egyptians considered a miracle, and the pharaoh ordered the god Ra to be propitiated with a sacrifice.

It is curious that almost immediately after this, Egypt made a technological breakthrough. The papyrus itself is now stored in the Vatican, where there is no way to get it.

Temple of Seti I at Abydos.

Perhaps it was this incident that was later depicted on the walls of the Temple of Seti I in Abydos, which was built a hundred years later: images of helicopters and other aircraft are clearly visible on the walls of the temple. In other places, images of pharaohs are always accompanied by strange dwarfs with swollen heads.

Look at the temple of Abu Simbel, above the entrance to which is depicted the most natural alien with a huge head. In other temple images, the priests feed a strange figure with black, almond-shaped eyes.

Bas-relief above the entrance to the Temple of Abu Simbel.

A Maternity Hospital for Aliens

This discovery occurred in 2000, when European underwater archaeologists led by Franck Gaudier explored the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea near the mouth of the Nile in search of Napoleon’s ships. Apparently, they were looking for gold, but they found a sensation that they were talking about, but they immediately fell silent.


Archaeologists have found the submerged ancient city of Heraklion, which was a flourishing trading center, but lost its leading role when Alexander the Great built Alexandria in the 4th century BC. According to ancient texts, Heraklion was built in honor of the Egyptian god Ra, and the Greeks believed that the locals founded it in honor of the demigod Heracles, who saved them from the flood of the Nile River.

It seems to be nothing supernatural: another city, ruins that have slipped into the sea, apparently during a severe flood, statues of pharaohs, ruins of sanctuaries – everything is as usual. If not for one but! During the examination of the remains of an ancient temple, divers discovered bas-reliefs of many women in rich clothes, who held in their arms … small humanoids! The kids were all as one thin, with thin arms and legs, elongated heads and huge almond-shaped eyes – here, for greater persuasiveness, inlay with green stones takes place..

As soon as the alternatives became aware of this, hypotheses fell down one after another. Some believed that women treat aliens. Others – that this is an image of some household deities. But still others decided that this is indisputable evidence that already in ancient Egypt, aliens were engaged in monstrous experiments in breeding hybrids of people and aliens. It is possible that alien scientists selected the Egyptians according to some specific genetic characteristics, fertilized them, and then the women were under observation in the temple-laboratory before giving birth.

Bold guess?

The images are also not for the faint of heart. Couldn’t the Egyptians have been nursing and breastfeeding lizards with arms and legs? Perhaps Hercules, who was considered a demigod, was in fact the son of an “alien from heaven” and an earthly woman, a hybrid of a man and an alien?


Scientists are even more bewildered by the well-known artifact, which is stored in the Leiden Museum of Antiquities. It resembles the panel of a starship. The purpose of the artifact is still unknown, and its symbols have not been unraveled. Perhaps we have before us an example of a cargo cult, when illiterate natives copy the artifacts of the gods: the “starship panel” is made of alabaster, its dimensions are 49 centimeters in diameter and 13 centimeters in height.

Age 4500 years. Even official science believes that this item is just a copy of some more ancient artifact, and no one knows what it is.

Colonization failure

Another artifact whose purpose no one can explain is the 61-cm Sabu disc found in the tomb of Pharaoh Anedjib’s son in Saqqara. It is carved from metasilta stone, its thickness is less than a centimeter, and its height is just over 10 centimeters. Scientists do not even have an idea how this item can be used: it cannot be the top of a central tent pole or a fan – it cannot drive air or water. Obviously, to design it, one had to have remarkable mathematical abilities: even now it will be quite difficult to reproduce it on modern machine tools with programming.

If we add here huge sarcophagi (which are often located underground, in rooms carved into the rock, where such narrow passages lead that there is nowhere for a person to turn around in them, let alone carry a sarcophagus), an incomprehensible way of transporting huge megaliths over long distances and the construction of giant pyramids, which from the point of view of human civilization is not justified by anything, then the situation appears unusual.

And, perhaps not without reason, some scientists report that genetic studies of the mummies of the pharaohs indicate that they really were different from their people. Maybe Egypt really was ruled by a race from outer space?

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