An unknown animal is spotted stalking a surfer on a San Diego beach. (Video)

Sunlight hasn’t bottomed out in a billion years. Sub-freezing water at one pass and hot springs at another. Crushing pressure of bones and a landscape that is often described as ‘lunar’. Below about 11,000 meters above sea level, there is an underwater world full of mystery and immense research possibilities for scientists. This is the story of the deepest place in the world: the Mariana Trench. The depth of the Mariana Trench makes it one of the deadliest places on the planet. Always covered in darkness, the water temperature is below 0 degrees. What makes it nearly impossible for life as we know it to exist is the extreme pressure of water.

The Mariana Trench is the deepest place in the earth’s crust. On January 23, 1960, a manned mission was sent to the unknown aquatic world for the first time. A submersible named Trieste piloted by oceanographer Jacques Piqard and United States Navy Lieutenant John Walsh witnessed life other than humans at that time. But the bigger question was whether there was life in extremely harsh conditions like these. We now know some of the animals that live there, but not all. There are theories that suggest the existence of creatures that are beyond our imagination, and even that if they managed to adapt to our oceans they would be a real danger not only for the marine fauna that we know, but also for humanity. And perhaps this is the case for a mysterious video posted to Instagram, which appears to show a strange creature chasing a surfer in San Diego.

mysterious creature

The video, posted to Instagram on March 18, shows surfer Ryland Rubens riding the waves in San Diego, Southern California, as part of an entry for the Regional Wave Of The Winter competition. While his skill on a surfboard is certainly impressive, the video ended up garnering attention for a very different reason: if you look closely to the left side, you’ll see a very large and strange object chasing the surfer.

“Pretty excited to have a video clip sitting in the top position on the @surfline website right now,” reads the description accompanying the video posted by film producer Chris Gabriel on Instagram. “Even more excited for the guys holding down hometown San Diego with some solid waves entered in the Winter Regional Wave. In order of presentation in Ryland Rubens, Jonathan Dupont, Myles Lanie-Toner, Mick Davey, David Dupont. Who will win this year’s SoCal Wave Of The Winter?

As we can see, Gabriel does not mention at any time the strange object inside the waves and that seems to be chasing Rubens, which provoked all kinds of reactions from his followers. As you can see in the images, the mysterious creature has a really strange appearance, especially given its almost spidery shape, with four long legs. Even seconds later you can see a second creature or perhaps the continuation of the first, so it would really be huge.

Some have speculated that the strange object could be a kind of marine creature from the depths of our oceans and that for unknown reasons it has emerged, while others have offered more surreal interpretations, such as an underwater pterodactyl and that it is an extraterrestrial being. . But the most skeptical do not share these opinions, and assure that it is nothing more than a large group of algae that has been dragged from the bottom of the ocean. Admittedly, the object itself is certainly strange, especially given its almost spidery appearance, not to mention what later appears to be its tail. Unfortunately, we do not have much more information about it nor more images that confirm its true origin.

But at this point we must remember that although the oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth, only 5 percent of the Earth’s oceans have been explored and mapped, especially the ocean below the surface. The rest remain mostly undiscovered and unseen by humans.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this news, much of the Mariana Trench remains unexplored, so its inhabitants are completely unknown. What appears in the video will likely remain a mystery: whether it was a strange sea creature, algae, or some other object.

What do you think about the mysterious creature inside the waves? Strange sea creature, seaweed, or some other object?

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