“Aliens Are Cloned and Manufactured by the Government,” according to an ex-CIA agent (VIDEO)

A former CIA agent named Derrel Sims, or better known by his pseudonym, “Alien Hunter”, claimed that aliens are “cloned and manufactured” by the government.

The former CIA agent, who claims to be the foremost expert on the  UFO subject  , has been investigating extraterrestrial cases  for 4 decades  . According to its own portal, its research passes physical tests.

Now, he has stunned locals and strangers alike by declaring that the aliens  are “created” and cloned  by some rebellious entity within the world’s governments.

The statements of a former CIA agentThe investigator is in charge of  “hunting down” extraterrestrials  and collecting evidence, data and testimonies. Thus, he exposes the true intentions behind these sinister and strange encounters which, in his opinion, are aimed at  human experimentation  .

Darrel explained how these  aliens  are created and cloned by some “rogue element” that holds a place in some governments.

Thus, he assured that these beings  do not have a planet, they do not come from space  . Their DNA comes from Earth, so they are  genetically modified beings  .

These statements have generated a lot of controversy as they clash with the general belief that aliens come from elsewhere in the cosmos. However, there is some truth to the ex-CIA agent’s explanation, which matches those made by the late  Phil Schneider  .

Schneider claimed before his death that at  the secret underground base in Dulce  , New Mexico, there weren’t just “Greys”, they worked alongside American technicians. Also humans and aliens worked together in  biogenetic experiments  .

There were programs for creating  human-alien hybrids  , cloning, aura studies, advanced mind control applications, microchipping, and much more.

Schneider claimed that the Secret Government cloned humans through a process perfected by biogenetics. In a  gigantic and advanced facility  located in Los Alamos.

Alien abductions are commonIn addition to his skills as an investigator, Sims is also a certified hypnotherapist and therapist. In this way, he has helped hundreds of people who have had alien encounters.

Through his work, the former CIA agent discovered that  alien abductions  are more common than previously believed. At least 1 in 4 people in the world are abducted by aliens.

Despite all the evidence and their stories, Sims failed to reach the desired number of people. Hence, he is focusing on his mission, as he said in an interview:

“I still have a lot of work to do. I am an investigator, looking for evidence.”

The work done by former CIA agent Derrel Sims has made many people suspicious of potential government secret projects. Leading to critical analysis and not blindly believing world leaders. However, the discredit is still very high and his message is still not reaching the masses.

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