Alien form over two meters tall appeared in a town in Colombia (Video)

Who are more than two meters tall, speaking with a robotic voice and dressed in black in Guasimal. A small farming town near Zarzal, on the west coast of Colombia.

“The only thing that has altered their daily lives, according to the inhabitants, was what happened in December 2012. When the stories of the apparitions of these beings began in the town, which have been repeated throughout these seven years,” he says the publication of El Tiempo.

If this had happened in the US they would have made books, documentaries and even a movie.

However, in 2012 only some  local media reported on alien humanoids and some videos  were published   by UFO researchers, but there was not much interest  in the testimonies of some 300 workers who claimed to have seen objects  from which these “humanoids” emerged.

According to El Tiempo, it appears that sightings of the alien humanoids continued in the city periodically for the next six years, although unfortunately there was no photographic or video evidence. That changed in December 2018 when the farmer Diego Mondragón recorded his encounter with the beings that were seen on a neighbor’s property.

Alien humanoids in Colombia “I realized what was happening because I had already had contact with them before, but some of those who were on the farm got scared and there was a shot,” Mondragón explained  . “I left the house and went to the fence of the farm to tell them to be calm, that they were peaceful.”

Mondragón claims that because he had been in contact with these beings before, the five humanoids  spoke to him with their strange robotic voices and let him record their message  on his mobile phone.

“We have been authorized to come to deliver a message of sacrifice for humanity, love and loyalty. Love each other because very soon the human race will end; we will get a little seed from it”,  said one of the messages from the extraterrestrial humanoids


Then, the alleged extraterrestrial beings declared that they lived in the Guasimal region for 60 years, where  they had an  underground base  of 5000 square meters , a space where they housed a mother ship.

And his home planet was Orion. But El Tiempo reveals the statement of a police officer named Manuel Velandia Márquez. He that he responded to an emergency call and affirms that  he saw huge silhouettes of about 2 meters in height.  And he also recorded his message to humanity, which talks about saving humanity and future situations.

And another witness to the incidents with the alien humanoids was the ufologist. Cristian Ramos, from the Contacto Ovni Colombia group, and who  saw one of the aliens for himself .

Ramos explained that the alien humanoid beings had a hostile reaction when he pulled out his camera. Which may explain why there are no photos or videos of such encounters. Seven years later, this incident remains unexplained.

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