Alien caught on camera: Mysterious late-night visitor… from another world?

Visitors from another world, Dobby from the Harry Potter franchise, or maybe a kid wearing an incredibly silly hat; these are all the guesses that are circulating around the web on what exactly is being displayed in some recently released bizarre security video.

Captured last week in La Junta, the above video is smack in the middle of the classic, “Is it an alien” debate.

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Vivian Gomez, a resident of the town, was notified late one evening after the sensors on her porch cameras picked up movement and recorded this strange visitor.

The stranger is recorded walking and then dancing away from the house and down the driveway.

The video, posted to Facebook nearly a week ago has since gained the attention of the nation, skyrocketing past 10 million views and inspiring national news to descend on the town.

While everyone has an opinion on what it might be, according to Vivian, who captured the sight, the verdict is still out! That being said, she hasn’t ruled out the “out there.”

“I showed my son,” commented Vivian, “and we were both just saying, ‘what the heck is that?’”

While she does not feel threatened by the appearance of the mystery guest, who has not been seen since, Vivian says she did have her screen door fixed so that she could lock up her house tighter than in the past.

**video zoom effect credit: Chung Dha**

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